Nvidia GTX 900 series releasing in October according to Gigabyte

VG247: "Nvidia is said to be showing off its GTX 900 series at EGX London later this month, and the report also states the firm will be skipping out on releasing an 800 line of cards."

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--bienio--1532d ago

Good ! Im waitnig for Asus Gtx980...

madworld1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

in my humble opinion I hope to see some games used the full advantage of those card and to see some amazing graphics affect like this video yes is seem old but the games in it is just phenomena....... PEACE

DougLord1532d ago

So much speculation on this launch, none of it seems to agree. The leaked benchmarks show the 980 barely beating a 780 forget the Ti. That had me almost buy a 295x2 because you can get $800 off the $1500 MSRP at ibuypower. So 2x980 for 2x500 would be pointless. But if we get 30% over a 780ti then it will be a great SLI even at 2x$600. I need resolution ASAP. Also Devils Canyon or Haswell-E? I'm talking overclocked, but stable with good but not crazy cooling. I've seen conflicting reports. Devils Canyon apparently doesn't over clock well. Maybe to 4.6ghz while Haswell-E over clocks really well but off a much lower stock clock, so maybe you get 3.8ghz, but extra cores.

Audiggity1532d ago

Agreed... how do the leaked GTX 880 specs beat the 980 specs so significantly???

My only guess is that the leaked GTX 880 specs were based on the 20 nm chip.

edqe1532d ago

According to some sources GTX 980 TDP would be only 170W and would still be competitive to 700 series. If those information are accurate it is great news.

ProjectVulcan1532d ago

Maxwell is vastly more efficient performance per watt than Kepler.

Indeed, the crowing over GTX750Ti was not about it's overall performance, but how it was as fast as Kepler and AMD cards that used double the power.

For a 170w card to handily beat GTX780Ti is a real feat, it only means good news for future Maxwell based cards that up the thermal ceiling above 200 watts.

edqe1532d ago

Great news. Lots of new great PC hardware has been and is going to be released soon; NVidia GTX 900 series, DDR4, Broadwell and Skylake, ...

Not only hardware but OpenGL NG and DX12 will push PC gaming even further.

I guess next year computers like Intel NUC are able to do [email protected] with high/ultra details.

Genova841532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

What happened to 9/19?

Audiggity1532d ago

It's still happening!

I think 9/19 is 8 days away.

Genova841531d ago

Hahaha! I like your style sir. I just meant I heard they were releasing on 9/19 after a big launch event on 9/18.

One of the many sites saying so ... Either way, can't wait for this card and ddr4 memory!

Audiggity1530d ago

Hahaha, just messing around my friend.

Good to know! Can't wait for the new 800/900 cards! 4k gaming is within reach (with a reasonable budget).

ABizzel11532d ago

"Purportedly, Nvidia won’t call the next series of cards GTX 800 due to some confusion it would create between the card maker’s desktop and mobile product lines."

Lies, it's called the 900 series so that when the real Maxwell launches next year, it can be called the first UHD cards, with them aiming for 2k - 4k resolutions on the UGTX 160, 170, and 180. Pure marketing, and smart on their part.

Considering the 780Ti can do 2k @ 60fps max settings already and the 980 is a 30% increase over that. 2k is no longer the target, and with the performance boost Maxwell is suppose to bring means the UGTX 180 should be an 8TFLOP GPU with a 250W TDP, and should allow 4k @ 30fps - 40fps on games like Crysis 3 and Metro, while being nearly 4k @ 60fps on most other games all on max settings.

And on a side note Erista is suppose to be revealed for mobile later that year as well (probably won't launch until 2016), but it's aiming for 2x the power of Tegra K1 unsing Maxwell architecture, meaning mobile will be ahead of the PS360 and Wii U by a good margin even if they miss the target and only boost their performance by 50%.

NVIDIA is on a role right now.

R6ex1532d ago

980 is at best 10% faster than 780 Ti.

Can probably only do Crysis 3 max settings at 1080p50fps and Witcher 3 max settings 1080p45fps.

To get 60fps, the GM200 Titan 2 or 20nm GPUs may have a chance.

GM204 is weak!

ProjectVulcan1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

If 10 percent faster than a 780ti is weak then I'll gladly take weak....

Fact is and you have been told before that this is not the fastest Maxwell that will appear. This part should beat the 780ti, but use just a whole lot less power, be cooler for it, cheaper to make and have another 1GB video memory than the reference 3GB 780ti.

Nvidia have another, larger Kepler to launch, and no doubt much larger Maxwell dies to eventually come next year that will take that power efficiency gain and throw it at a 250w thermal envelope.

Any such 250w+ Maxwell would be ridiculously fast.

ABizzel11531d ago


Been looking at specs, and rumors are all over the place. Some say 30% better, some say 10% better, some say it's weaker. We'll know for sure soon, but the selling point TDP, like the 750 Ti. Regardless it's a great card and if the price is indeed $500 or less, it's still better than buying a 780 Ti which is currently averaging $600 - $700+

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