Polygon: The first hour with Forza Horizon 2

The options that are available in Forza Horizon 2 are every bit as impressive as you might expect from a social-arcade racing game in 2014. Lots of courses. Lots of perks. Lots of cars. Completely gorgeous worlds in the best bits of France and Italy. Friendly young women who handle garage services.

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gamer78041553d ago

looks like a great game, but yah thats way too much info about an announcer. I rather like jeremy clarkson too.

Scatpants1553d ago

I'm going to get this just because there isn't anything to get on the xbone, but I haven't been too impressed by what I've seen so far. Horizon 1 was kind of dull, hopefully this will be better.

Dewitt1552d ago

Never has been so many untrue statements in a single post. Seriously, you can stop with the stealth trolling it is getting really old.

Scatpants1552d ago

I understand when there's not really anything coming out for your system that some people will get super excited over games that are just average like this one, but of all the games I am planning on buying in the next few months this is the one I am the least hyped for. How is that so hard to believe to the point that you call me a liar? This is just another dime a dozen racing game, I'm sure it will be fun for like 2 weeks and then I'll move on to something better. Sunset Overdrive on the other hand looks awesome.

brighthand1552d ago

Why am I seeing a Polygon article on here?

I thought we were uniting as one to stand against gaming "journalism" corruption, and holding the entities accountable for the vile actions that they took/are taking against us and our hobby, yet we continue to support them by approving and viewing their articles, as if nothing has happened?

Man, have you all forgotten? Was our cause -which is still a burning fire, just a trendy social-media fad that has emitted the last of its pop glow to you all? If some of you are so insistent on patronizing the internet spaces of these guys only days after they've disseminated articles about how you as a gamer WILL NO LONGER EXIST, then whatever they propose to take from us, they will be able to, and they will deserve to. Because you enabled them to.

Even though gaming is not life, the principles at play here are of dire importance; and for that reason, we have to maintain our stance. If we are going to show solidarity, we have to stick to our guns. BOYCOTT the people we say that we are going to boycott, regardless of whether or not they publish some juicy new info on a game we are drooling over; it is our strength vs theirs.