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Connected Digital World writes: Well Bungie decided not to carry over progress from the Beta. A good choice for game progression but it does mean that this is the third time I’ve climbed to level 12. And I don’t care at all.

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SoapShoes1553d ago

I was disappointed I had to replay the stuff from the beta but it ended up being fine. I need to level up! Only level 6... The game is great when you are playing with people.

ShowGun9011553d ago

and that seriously IS the ENTIRE point to destiny... to play it with people. me and my nephew were doing the big boss fight on the moon, and literally screaming at each other, laughing, and having a blast! even if the missions are a little repetitive (and what games aren't, really?) the awesomeness comes from doing things with your friends.

Ive had more fun with destiny than with any other game this year! (or last year for that matter!)

CloudRap1553d ago

Pretty good game not perfect, not Halo, but the best game so far since I got my PS4 and Xb1.

Eddie201011553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Halo is so over rated. Halo one and two were great but after those it's just gotten kinda boring. My opinion.

I think Destiny is at least as good as the first two Halos as far as game play goes, a little lacking in story but the game play makes up for it.

Matt6661553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Halo over rated? Really? I understand that's your opinion but games are you into then? Because Halo is some of the best FPS games out there from the books etc there is so much story to cover.

MonsterChef1553d ago

This is the first game in a long while that I absolutely do not care what the review scores are, it's irrelevant to me, I'm enjoying it a lot with friends and random people, I got teabaged in crucible matches you know how long it's been since that's happen to me, halo 3 this for me is an excellent change in tempo from day call of duty which is starting to show signs ww2 fatigue that war all the rage in the ps2 /Xbox days

MasterCornholio1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Good to see positive reviews of this game. I'm waiting for Angry Joes verdict tough to finalize my purchase of this game.

Spurg1553d ago

I absolutely don't recommend Angry Joes review....he already seems to hate the game and deosn't understand what the game is...he wants 32 player team deathmatch and clearly that shows he doesn't understand fun and balance in a multiplayer game such as Destiny.

I stopped watching his reviews after seeing some terrible reviews and like a child is review the game.

-Foxtrot1553d ago

The fact Bungie allowed you to go into the multiplayer death match (The Crucible) with your weapons from the main game is unbalanced already

If you are a low level and you are up against a higher leveled player then they will, 9 time out of 10, own you because there weapons have better stats to go with their higher level.

The higher the level, the better your armour and weapons.

So in my opinion it's unbalanced already. It's only truly fair when you've hit the level cap.

Eddie201011553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

I agree it does need better match making. I think the emphasis is to level to at least twenty before playing competitive.

loving the game though.

ShowGun9011553d ago

same thing with every massively popular title... you're gonna see alot of people hating on it on sites like this, but the MILLIONS of people having fun with destiny aren't on forums defending it. theres only a bunch of haters with nothing to play bashing it around here. as soon as i get home i'm firing up destiny, and then the haters will have this site all to themselves.

if you played the beta (or halo), you already know what to expect. expert levels of polish and percise gameplay. world class PvP. and awesome art direction! (the armors look freaking sweet!)

cant wait to see you in the crucible!