When Forza Horizon 2's credits roll you'll have only seen 15-18% of the game

Forza Horizon 2 will feature expansive endgame content, according by comments made by creative director Ralph Fulton, including an all new option introduced after the credits roll that lets the player decide where to take the race to next.

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qwerty6761554d ago

microsoft was really lucky to have these guys. you can tell they're very passionate about continuing to grow forza and make it better and better each game with new creative ideas.

drivatars was the best thing to happen so far to a racing game.

christocolus1554d ago

They are great at what they do. Same with Dan Greenwalt and his team at Turn 10 its no surprise both studios love working together. I'm not a big racing fan but FH on xbx 360 was the first racing game i actually played and enjoyed and FH2 seems to have upped the game in every aspect.. I'm definitly going to be picking this up.

1554d ago
Foehammer1554d ago

Replayability is going to be off the scale.

Like GTA for racers.