The Wolf Among Us gets a release window for PS Vita

Telltale Games ‘critically acclaimed’ episodic graphic adventure finally has a release window for PS Vita.

The company behind The Walking Dead, has revealed via a tweet that the complete first season of The Wolf Among Us will be heading to stores this November.

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rarity1554d ago

Yay more vita games :D

GdaTyler1554d ago

Better late than never I guess...

Gamesgbkiller1554d ago

I bought TWD first season on Vita but I regret it.

It wasn't a smooth game... Even PS3 version had problems.

I hope this one is better.

ctorretta1554d ago

I agree that it wasn't smooth, but it was about on par with the PS3 version for me (bug-wise at least, got the camera stuck underneath the railroad tracks like 3 times in the ps3 version).

For me, the thing I like is touch screen controls for the action sequences. It makes it a lot easier to control using touch, as opposed to the analog sticks.

Kind of surprised that TWAU is coming to the Vita though, I figured it was DOA...

porkChop1554d ago

I liked the touch controls for action, but for everything else I preferred the regular controls. What I don't get is why do we have to pick one or the other? Why can't we have touch AND buttons?

porkChop1554d ago

None of the Telltale games are smooth. They're some of the worst programmers I've seen. I'm not buying any more TT games. They tell great stories with great characters but they continually sell near-broken products and refuse to spend any of their millions to fix their broken engine.

SaffronCurse1554d ago

Nice, can't wait to play it.

Scatpants1554d ago

Nice, I've been waiting for it to come to Vita to play it. Really enjoyed both Walking Dead chapters on Vita.

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