Spurs NBA 2K15 Ratings Leaked, Tim Duncan 90 OVR

A few days ago, 2K Sports announced that only four players would have a 90 overall rating. Kevin Durant (95 OVR), LeBron James (? OVR), and Chris Paul (? OVR) are widely considered the top three, but the 4th player has been a bit of a mystery, with many fans speculating Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Kevin Love, or Russell Westbrook. It appears that Tim Duncan is the 4th player, which makes some sense.

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Oschino19071553d ago

Exactly, an all time great who has stood the test of time, his skills haven't faded, he just plays less minutes these days. Same thing happens with most great players, well if they are on a good team that doesn't need to be carried.

InTheLab1553d ago

He deserved it 5 years ago...

Castle3331552d ago

I was right!! When the other post said only 4 players are in the 90s i said. Lebron, Durant, Derrick rose amd Tim Duncan.