Vrvana Teases Kickstarter Launch, Reveals Public Debut

VRFocus - Vrvana has today revealed the first public outing for their forthcoming virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD), the Totem. Set to be playable next week, the HMD will debut with Iris VR’s Technolust. The firm has announced this as a tease for their upcoming Kickstarter campaign which is due to arrive ‘real soon’.

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XB1_PS41553d ago

Looks like the delay on that thing is pretty much non existent. I would guess 20ms or lower. I'm glad there is so much competition in the VR game. It's going to push VR to it's full potential. 5 years from now, VR will everywhere. Can't wait.

Blues Cowboy1553d ago

Yup. To become an industry, VR has to be bigger than just one device. Oculus will remain a major driving force, but several companies will need to push the idea of VR into the mainstream to make it stick