Art Director Mike Young Talks Madden 09

As Art Director on Madden 09 (the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions), Mike Young sets the vision for the visuals and presentation of the game. From the player models and stadiums to lighting and cameras, Mr. Young is in charge. But while he may be at the forefront, he doesn't want anyone to think he's the only one who deserves credit for making Madden a success.

"There are so many aspects that I don't think one person could ever claim to be a master of everything," he says. "How can somebody be great at cameras and lighting? A lot of how you set the vision for a whole team is looking for people that you trust to be an expert in their area. I don't consider myself an expert at anatomy or some of the subtle details that make a great character. What I do is set high-level objectives to help pull the whole game together."

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DarkSniper3830d ago

Offensive lineman who look like Wide Recievers is not considered art.