You Never Leave A Game Behind: Now Is The Time For PlayStation To Re-Enlist SOCOM

It's going on 4 years since the SOCOM franchise was seemingly left for dead. A Short Pause member shares his opinion of why now is the best time for Sony to reboot the franchise that ushered in online gaming for the PlayStation brand.

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JoGam1553d ago

Yes please bring back Socom.

TheDude791553d ago

As long as it's a PROPER SOCOM game, and not some "hey look, our game is like their game" travesty like SOCOM 4. If people want a game that plays like Call of Duty or Battlefield...well, then they know what games to play.

asmith23061553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Socom Confrontation was actually a brilliant online game... when it worked. It was VERY tactical, and team work was essential to win. Unfortunately it was dogged with lag early on and it lost a lot of players due to it. It was out well over a year before it stabilized.

Skips1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Sony should pay the devs who're making H-hour to make a next gen focused Socom game. With classic MP and a legit Coop campaign. Would be awesome.

XBLSkull1553d ago

By FAR Sonys best franchise. I buy PlayStations just to play these games. They either need to reboot the franchise and go back to its roots, or remaster 1-3 with state-of-the-art graphics.

BattleAxe1553d ago

If you want a new Socom game, then support H-Hour: World's Elite by SOF Studios and David Sears, the Creative Director for Socom 1 & 2. H-Hour is essentially the next Socom game, being planned for release on PC and PS4.

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creatchee1553d ago

I've been begging for years. All it takes is an HD remaster of SOCOM II and I'll be happy. The best years of my online gaming life were spent in places called Sujo, Enowapi, Desert Glory, and Night Stalker.

TheDude791553d ago

If you got the W as seals on Enowapi or Sujo, you team was legit!

creatchee1553d ago


FOR REAL! There was nothing quite like the terror of going down the ramp to the bomb plant in Enowapi, knowing that somebody was corner-camping with an auto shotty and just waiting to hold down the trigger.

Stick891553d ago

This x1000. SOCOM II HD remake... and don't screw with anything else. Just give it a fresh coat of paint and throw it up on the store for $30-40 and I'd buy that shit up in a heartbeat.

psman0121553d ago

I'll never forget playing SOCOM on the PS2 way back when. One of my favorite games of all time

ThunderPulse1553d ago

Confrontation was great except when there were cheaters.

fei-hung1553d ago

It would make sense if there was no Socom, but aren't some of the original Socom devs making H-hour, a spiritual successor to Socom?!

hardcorehippiez1553d ago

yes david sears is making h-hour and it will be as true to socom as can be . i quite liked socom 4 as a game but it was by no mean a socom game and it was an insult to the franchise to call it such. TNS will be back on form when h-hour releases and going for the number one european slot again.

SaffronCurse1553d ago

Confrontation was fun, until the hackers got in the mix.

scark921553d ago

I agree, the game was addictive! but as of many old games, hackers ruin the fun.

mrdxpr21553d ago

My best memories come from Socom fireteam bravo 1 and 2 playing online and ad hoc while in school just made it great. What ruined each game was the hackers that turned me off ..

C-H-E-F1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

H-Hour is made by the guy that created the whole concept of Socom. Along with the majority of that dev team. It's a PC/PS4 exclusive. Look into that, if you haven't heard by now. He had a kickstarter for it should be released next year. I donated to it and can't wait for it :D.

He created Socom 1 and 2 then left the dev team. which is why the other socoms got worst and worst.

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Double_Oh_Snap1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

I agree. Sony bringing back SOCOM is just a smart move all around. They just need to go back to what made SOCOM great in the first place an update those ideas for the PS4.

A great example of this is Rainbow Six: Siege. Lets be honest as well. How many tactical shooters are on the market anyway? Now makes perfect sense.

You know, some of us out there prefer skill/team based gameplay... Over an xp bar filling for the next rank or weapon upgrade while words flash across your screen when you complete some challenge so the game can let you know how cool that was.


TheDude791553d ago

Thanks to cooperative games (Borderlands, L4D), I think there is a renewed interest in working together as a team and communicating. It's those same elements that help boost tactical shooters, and SOCOM, H-Hour, and Rainbow Six: Siege will totally benefit from that new found love of working cooperatively but in a competitive MP environment.

Double_Oh_Snap1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Well said sir. I'm honestly not sure how you could play Rainbow Six: Siege with out working with your team though. Even if you did so on purpose, you would just hurt the entire team. Making things much more difficult or really in Siege considering the way it plays, borderline impossible.

Evilsnuggle1553d ago

Rainbow Six the siege was my game of show at E3 . I would love a strategic tactical team based third person shooters. That would be so awesome on PS4.

SaffronCurse1553d ago

Another great tactical mp game that gets overlooked is The last of Us's Mp. It plays really well as a tactical shooter. Give it a shot if you haven't played it yet.

eyeDEVOUR1553d ago

except it does the same bullsh*t "over the shoulder view" when you aim that ruined all tps games...thats why socom4 was trash

CerealKiller1553d ago

A new SOCOM game would be killer with today's middle-east tensions. I wonder who owns the rights now that zipper is closed.

CerealKiller1553d ago

Awesome hopefully they put them to good use!

PR_FROM_OHIO1553d ago

HELL MF'N YES!!!!!! Sony please bring back a true Socom game on the PS4 and my life will be complete lol

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