Will The Next-Gen Be Digital-Only? 4 Reasons Why That's Not a Good Idea

An article on PlayStation Enthusiast talks about how much the entertainment industry has moved over to a digital-only format; highlighting the rise in cloud-computing technology. Because of this rise, it's becoming quite the talk among many, that there is a possibility that we may soon say goodbye to physical media. If gaming does end up like this, will it be a good idea?

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hello121531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Digital gaming is excellent especially on x box 1. I no longer have to buy games at stupid prices in the shop. I share games with a friend and he with me and i have got diablo and destiny for nothing, with home sharing. I even buy games at cheaper prices by switching my dashboard to a different region.

My days of buying game disks are over.

[email protected] Stupid you always own the game if you have an account with x box live. If you don't have a PSN or x box live account no point even owning a next gen console.

You can't sell your digital games on to someone else yet, but that may come. The benefits of going digital exceed the negatives least for me.

Ocsta1531d ago

Yeah that's great if you live in a country where a 65gb download is nothing to worry about...

SaffronCurse1531d ago

Local ISP's in my area are now offering unlimited bandwidth for $10 extra a month. Hope it rolls out to most people soon, we kind of need it.

ShinMaster1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

All digital would have been great 2 generations ago, when games were not over 20GBs in size and every major ISP wasn't trying to throttle your bandwidth.

Besides, there's still a lot of people who love physical copies and digital feels like it's nothing but a backup copy to a game you don't own...but you paid anyway.

XBLSkull1531d ago

It will be great, and it will happen next Gen. Honestly Microsofts original vision for x1 was perfect. All the benefits of digital but still being able to buy an install disc in the store. They should have just stuck to it, id be even happier with the system than I am now.

Next Gen it is coming, I suggest all nay sayers get all the tears out if their systems now and just embrace the digital glory to come.

darthv721531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

there are already tests of super compression techniques that make the delivery of several gb size of data (obviously not in the streaming sense as it would need to be decompressed on the fly) take a really short time.

Just as a very basic example, i can remember dl full size dreamcast games that were 700+ mb in size (uncompressed) but were initially only 50mb or less. Take the same approach to next gen titles and we could be looking at full size games that are less than a regular DVD to dl. Taking minutes not hours.

Outthink_The_Room1531d ago

Ummmm many games have a 65GB download? What year do you live in?

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Deividas1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

It will not be all digital, wont happen, at least not by next gen.

Can you imagine if the network for a console went down for a couple days?...and can you imagine if it happened right on a HUGE release date for a game...My god the backlash...

Too many drawbacks with it. Speed of download, size of games, Hard Drive space, reliability of networks, etc...

darthv721531d ago

It's already all digital. you are just looking at the difference in delivery. be it from a store (physical) or from a download...the end result is still the same.

convenience is the key and when it comes to cost. Yeah the companies are going to be looking at keeping their profit margins while reducing their overhead. that is just business.

Reliability of the network is as much of a concern as the reliability of the means to play them (the system). Anything can happen but when it quickly to resolve the situation is what should be the focus.

Applejack1531d ago

Digital games will never surpass physical discs to me. I've always been gaming with discs and unless they stop producing them or a game is digital only, I always go physical. Games are almost always cheaper than digital downloads and I believe it's much better to share you games with a friend in person. Also, I don't see why you think a company would want you to sell them back their own digital license. I don't see it happening anytime soon.

darthv721531d ago

All it takes is the right company or the right game to convince people that their way is the way to follow.

Technology evolves but will people ever really be ready.

llxKonanxll1531d ago

"If you don't have a PSN or x box live account no point even owning a next gen console".

That's an extremely arrogant thing to say.

DarXyde1531d ago

UHHH, what?

You mean like how iTunes still charges like $1.29 for digital downloads of really old songs? Yeah, that sounds terrible. Why would I buy as game for $30 on a digital site if I can get it $10 cheaper at a store and lend it to a friend if I want to? Piracy would be through the roof. Networks are not secure enough to warrant this yet.

I will say that digital may be necessary at some point though. With skyrocketing costs and games still being $60 and the uncertainty of DLC selling, digital distribution eliminates production costs and can maximize profit, but it is a bit anti consumer. Maybe they'll figure out a compromise that works.

Ck1x1531d ago

But what you are not giving credit to with the way songs, movies and games are purchased on iTunes, is that 1 purchase enables you to spread that content across multiple devices. Even though cross buy is becoming more prevalent in the console market. Nothing beats knowing that I paid for this game, movie or song and can instantly put it on my next device when I upgrade or whatever.

Retroman1531d ago


i-will-say-it-for-everyone--- ARE-U-FKING-NUTS??

no-way-digital-down-load-only -is-the-way-or-future.
im-sure-ALL-will-agree-physic al-copy-in-your-hand-of-ownersh ip-is-better-than-invisible-non -ownership-downloads.


CKPan1531d ago

You like to pay for something doesn't belong to you, not us.

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shaw981531d ago

I will never go fully digital. You don't fully own it unless you have it in your hands.

gangsta_red1531d ago

What choice will you have if all systems go digital?

luis_spartano1531d ago

I can't talk about shaw98, but I'll stop playing videogames.

EdoubleD1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I'll quit gaming altogether, or at least play a lot of old gen games.

Screw all digital.


Speak for yourself, why're you projecting at me for?
There's no way I'm all for a digital future, that's that.

ThatOneGuyThere1531d ago

"ill quit!" bunch of liars. just like everyone quit playing EA games the dozens of times its f*cked us. EA should be out of business. But they're thriving. They're thriving because you're all full of sh*t.

Trekster_Gamer1531d ago

The choice can always be made by us, the paying consumer!
Money is the name of the game and if they think their sales will be impacted enough they will always bow down to our wishes.

gangsta_red1531d ago

I don't know why I'm getting disagrees for asking a question but oh well, those don't really matter anyway.

I think a lot of you who are saying you'll stop playing video games are being overly pretentious. Yes, you could but would that really be the truth? Be honest with yourselves.

I think you would more than likely still play but go in screaming and kicking but all in all accept it.

It's just how a lot here claimed they would never pay to play online, now it's the norm. Sure a lot of you were upset but what other choices did a lot of you have to play your favorite exclusive games?

CKPan1531d ago

I would gladly say won't live long enough to it.

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Soupaman661531d ago

Well physical is just digital in a cd format. Technicaly you can have digital games on a usb or external hard drive and you can hold that. Its faster and if you accidentally break that usb, you can download it again. If you preak a cd physical disk, you lose it forever.

ThatOneGuyThere1531d ago

i dont understand how someone disagreed with that.

darthv721531d ago

just look at the current gen of ps4 and xb1 games. they may be physical in nature but you dont actually play from them. The games are installed thus the physical medium is merely a different delivery system.

Whether it comes from the store or from the ether its the same game and companies are always looking to save them $$ while making the most in return.

Summons751531d ago

So what happens in 5/6 years when servers for 360 and ps3 aren't up. What happens to the Wii's or D's that die now that the network is down and the PSP in the near future?

Its BS, digital is saying you're okay paying full price for a loaned item. It's not and will never truly be yours and they can and ha e permanently taken games off networks already. If you break physical you can find it again for a cheaper price, you can buy physical day 1 for so much less than full price and digital prices hardly ever go down. Think again

Outthink_The_Room1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )


Why do you people keep bringing up this garbage argument about previous gen?

The infrastructure from last gen is ENTIRELY different than this generation.

Microsoft hosts their store on Azure, which is not going anywhere, anytime soon. I don't think MS invested $20B+ into Azure, only to shut down store downloads in a couple years.

PSN is different as well from last gen. Sony does not have the same storefront architecture either.

Multiplayer servers are one thing, because that's the publisher cutting costs. But downloads? Are you kidding me?

CKPan1531d ago

" if you accidentally break that usb, you can download it again"
Are you sure??

Soupaman661531d ago

@CKPan yes I'm sure. Knowing many online stores, if you purhcased the game and its no longer on sale, its still on your library so you can download it again. I'm not 100% sure for psn or xbla but steam allows you to save and play from usb. If your usb breaks, the games are still forever on your account to download on another one even if its no longer on sale. have a big physical collection and accidentaly scratch, break, or melt it and its gone forever.

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scark921531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Its welcomed for Steam, but I love having physical copies for my console games!

DarXyde1531d ago

Stan Lee made an interesting point about something similar. When asked if comics would eventually go all digital, he replied, "comic are like boobs: yeah, they're nice digitally, but I prefer them in my hands."

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lazyboyblue1531d ago

Not even Microsoft would ever be stupid enough to suggest such a thing again. Look how bad they're losing this gen and it all started with digital gaming policy.

EvilWay1531d ago

If it is they better give us 16TB Hard drives right out of the box

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