Why Female Footballers Aren't In FIFA 15

Play: "We spoke to FIFA 15's lead producer about the game and asked whether EA has considered including female footballers."

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trywizardo1557d ago

really ?! they just added a new leagues like turkey and now you want female footballers !!!
i want fifa graphics become like PES but with the same awesome gameplay like it is now ...

mafiahajeri1557d ago

No one cares about female footballers...

Count1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

No, YOU don't care! Maybe the women care. Women make up about 50% of the gaming user base.

They're entitled to make demands regardless of what selfish people like you think.

valet_Smerdyakov1557d ago

@Count: women themselves don't care. They don't buy the game now and they wouldn't buy with female players included.

"Women make up about 50% of the gaming user base." LOL, maybe on facebook.

ShaunCameron1557d ago

No one cares about women's sports in general besides maybe tennis.

EdoubleD1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

I hope this isn't complaining about adding female footballers.
Who is going to play them anyway?
Waste of resources if you ask me.

CerealKiller1557d ago

I don't follow fifa football but I never seen a female on the field.

Count1557d ago

That's because you only watch the men play. There are plenty of female football players.

SegaGamer1557d ago

Yeah, and even the top woman players are worse than the men's English League 2 players.

At this point there is no need for Women's football in FIFA. The quality of football in the woman's games is awful.

BobbytheBuilder1557d ago

There are already too many leagues that no one cares about and adding females would just take up even more resources. I would prefer if they at least limit the number of players in the game so they can work on better graphics etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.