TeamXbox: Battlefield: Bad Company Multiplayer Hands-On

TeamXbox writes: "Yesterday we gave you our hands-on impressions of Battlefield: Bad Company's single player mode, remarking at the effort developer DICE made to keep that side of the game up to par with the multiplayer side. Multiplayer is sort of the bread and butter of the Battlefield series, which anyone who's ever played any Battlefield game is fully aware of, not just those who go back to 2002's Battlefield 1942 for the PC as their first experience with the franchise. Everyone knew DICE, or Digital Illusions back in the day, was really on to something new. Here we are a scant six years later, and "Battlefield" has become almost an adjective to describe the tons of games who've mimicked its team-based, vehicle-heavy brand of FPS multiplayer mayhem.

So what about this latest installment in the series? On the surface, Bad Company almost seems regressive, offering gamers only one real game type. But is that really a problem? Bad Company's multiplayer conceit – that one team tries to capture the gold by destroying it (still not sure how that one works) and the other team tries to stop them. Pretty simple? Too simple?"

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AZgamerB3yond3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

been playin this online on the ps3 and it kickz a$$!!!!
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