Valiant Hearts interview: why the industry needed a war game without violence

Gaming is a medium that to many goes hand in hand with violence. With some of its biggest titles being first person shooters like Call Of Duty and satirical open world shooters like GTA, its easy to see why. Yet for all the games that portray and enable violence, there have been very few that try and address the issue.

Enter Ubisoft, with their brilliantly poignant adventure game Valiant Hearts. Set during the first World War, Valiant Hearts sees you controlling multiple protagonists of different nationalities as they struggle to survive through the violence that has suddenly torn apart their worlds. As well as being a moving and powerful tale, this is a game where you don’t kill, but instead solve puzzles and even learn a bit of historu. Incorporating tidbits of optional photographs and information about the war, you slowly learn about the reality of living through The Great War, immersing you ever deeper into the game’s world.

With the brilliant game receiving an iOS port ea...

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bequietdrive1531d ago

Really refreshing to have a non violent and educational game. Good thing its actually fun to play too!