WTF Bungie? Where's The 500 Million At In Destiny?

CraigheadPro And LUGO Entertainment discuss where the 500 million dollars went when developing Bungie’s Destiny. Apparently it wasn’t put in the graphics or content. It’s clearly not exactly a standard MMO. Me And LUGO are seriously wondering just what happen over there Bungie?

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Intentions1074d ago

Pretty sure the 500 million was for the whole franchise not on one game.

Quicktim31074d ago

this, and a lot of that is for marketing.

bouzebbal1074d ago

exactly, i think Destiny has always been thought as a franchise of X episodes. Add to the marketing campaign to that. I think we'll see one episode every second year.

darthv721074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

Wouldnt the marketing (or percentage of it) come from Sony and the deal they made for exclusive advertising?

That is something that is usually negotiated when deals are made. If Sony is fronting the ad $$ then Activision didnt have to pay anything. They are the publisher so their angle is all around promotion and sales.

Bungie is the real talent in making the game and yet they only get a portion of the proceeds. Publishers get the lions share.

sonarus1074d ago

its impressive that they recovered their investment in one day. Crazy for new ip. Its a pretty solid game though

XBLSkull1074d ago

Yep, 500M for a trilogy or more.

SilentNegotiator1074d ago (Edited 1074d ago )

Just report the article as fake. The entire premise is ridiculous; they're asking, 'where did (part of the) funds, that weren't even supposed to be spent yet, go to?'

We have known that the 500m was for several games, marketing, etc for a very long time. This article has no merit.

AndrewLB1073d ago

This is what happens when private companies make the mistake of spending money in the same undisciplined way our government does.

and btw... the $500 million is for THIS game and the coming DLC. It's not for the development of a trilogy. I don't know where people got that idea.

DVAcme1073d ago

All true, plus there's also the expansions coming, not to mention the servers that had to be put up for the game. Apparently they're regional servers, cause every time I play I see loads of Puertorican players. Either there's so many that I always see some online or it's a regional server that has Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

DOMination-1073d ago

Developers are salaried just like you and me and they'll probably fet bonuses after a successful release. The idea of them sitting on millions in reserve cash is novel but if they always work with a publisher like nearly all do then there is no need.

TThe publisher will agree a contract in advance with the developer and that will include money to pay everyone during the cycle. This is also why lots of people move after games release.

PX541073d ago

Given it's an always online game i'm guessing a lot of money went into making sure the servers could handle the pre-order sales and maybe even a few years more. Bungie would know from the success of Halo what they'd need to ensure a smooth online experience and to have this set up from launch would have cost a fair bit - rather than gradually building it up over time.

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harrisk9541074d ago

Yep... what they have positioned as a "10-year" game cycle.

redwin1074d ago

I don't see this as a 10 year game, but I would love to be proved wrong. I'll be very happy if they keep me interested until summer.

Chaoticmoon1074d ago

@Redwin The game itself isn't supposed to last a whole 10 years, the WHOLE FRANCHISE is, also Destiny could keep you busy for a bit if you pick up the expansions.

llxKonanxll1074d ago

Do we really want a game cycle for 10 years?? look how well that's turned out for COD.

kaizokuspy1073d ago


Why are you even comparing this to COD? COD is not an exploration and pvp game mixed with looting and forcing you to be social. COD is also handled by multiple developers. They don't add anything new except killstreaks. This games been out how long? When they add new subclasses, possibly a job system, new multiplayer modes, new planets, new loot, raise the level cap and what not, how will you complain? Look at Borderlands. Their DLC can be beat in 2 days or less with really no reason to replay it. Destiny's will cover a much broader scope and not everything will be paid DLC, some will just be updates that we will get for freeeeeee. More naysayers who compare to games that are Halo, COD, and other games it isnt trying to be. Destiny is Destiny. It's own game. If you want Halo, go play Halo, you want COD go play COD, you want a brand new IP with a familiar feel, good control, and fun times with your friends, then play Destiny.

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Garethvk1074d ago

Exactly. It was for marketing, design, DLC, and stuff already in the works. It should be $500 million invested in the franchise to date.

Palitera1074d ago

The lack of content is the main business-design for Destiny. It's not for lack of money that the game is so barebones. It is radically design as a DLC vending machine, that's why you only have 5 SP maps to play at through dozens of "different" missions.

And yes, we know you don't believe they spent 500 millions on this.

BlackTar1871074d ago

I disagree that this game is barebones. I'm enjoying it alot and have yet to scratch the surface of the content.

geddesmond1074d ago

I'm guessing most of that went on marketing which created all the hype for a game I haven't even played yet as I'm still waiting for the download transfer to finish. Only 76% left to go after 4 hours yay.

You would think they would let you play the game after a certain amount was downloaded like every other game this generation. But no, Bungie had to be awkward about it. This game better be good or I'm going back to buying games when they go on sale.

Scatpants1074d ago

You should have preloaded. Also, get faster internet.

geddesmond1074d ago

@ Scatpants.

My pay day at work is Thursday. Last week was the first week in a month so I had rent to pay. Pre loading wasn't a option. Secondly I have the fastest internet my area can get. Why is Destiny the only game where I have to fully download especially when the big feature this generation was not having to download games fully before playing?

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gamer78041074d ago

the paul mcartney song...

SSJBen1074d ago

No man's sky is not even a fraction of that budget and has more content than Destiny.

What a joke.

Owvi1074d ago

It'll probably have more content than most games. What's your point..?

porkChop1074d ago

No Man's Sky is entirely procedurally generated. Meaning the developers didn't do a whole lot of work creating that universe, it created itself. You cannot compare that to painstakingly creating multiple planets, maps, etc entirely by hand and from scratch.

ShowGun9011073d ago

no mans sky looks awesome, but so far, ive been dissappointed by every "procedurally generated" game ive played... you see elements repeated over and over, its like someone just quilted the would outta premade parts...

deafdani1073d ago

Sure, compare a procedurally generated game to a traditional game to make a point regarding game content.

Makes sense. Especially since No Man's Sky isn't even released yet...


SSJBen1073d ago


You're contradicting your own comment.

So the devs for No Man's Sky didn't do a lot of work, but with Destiny, Bungie has 500mil budget and numerous delays, but all we have at launch are 4 planets with the same monsters.

These planets aren't even THATTTT big to begin with either.


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3-4-51074d ago

Sensationalist article from the U.K. ? Never! lol

Bobby Kotex1074d ago

Just another ignorant article. What do you expect on the N4G front page?

Jaqen_Hghar1074d ago

IT'S A 10 YEAR PROJECT! How have people not gotten this message yet? There won't be a bunch of sequels coming or anything like that. You'll get expansions for years and years as the game expands. Bungie has been very clear on this from the start. They intended from the start for this to be a long-term deal. No Destiny 2 (at least not for awhile), no Game of the Year edition (unless they do yearly updates with the past expansions tacked on for $60), and the money went into future content and advertising of course.

Trolltroll1073d ago

Why do we have to pay for the DLC content if the 500mil was spent on future DLC. In 10 years we will not likely have even our "next gen" consoles given the average life is 6-8 years. I am down if they give the content that is missing for free. But this is Activision we will be paying for everything. I hope you are having fun playing that "advertising" they spent their mony on.

BinaryMind1073d ago

And correct me if I'm wrong, but Activision puts $100 million into marketing each Call of Duty game. They probably put the same amount into Destiny.