Here Is FIFA 15 In Glorious 4K - Full Match Video + Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "FIFA 15’s PC demo has been released and below you can view some screenshots in glorious 4K resolution. FIFA 15 ran with 60FPS at 3840×2160 with all settings maxed out (including AA)."

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Javicho1553d ago

Really but i thinkits need to improve more in graphics

SegaGamer1553d ago

It doesn't really look much different at all. Also, we really need new commentators. I'm sick of listening to Martin Tyler's voice.

johny51553d ago

EA, can we get some better physics and animations please?? And maybe not have players look like dolls running in a field!

Javicho1553d ago

Ouright . Its a shame pay for something that does t have enought evolution, i mean in aspect of visual.
EA we have the new console so please we want to see whats its really can show us