Phantasy Star Online 2 Still Delayed for The West

More than 2 years after the initial release of Phantasy Star Online 2 in Japan players in the West are still asking Sega when it will be their turn. Earlier this year it expanded to Asia and also made the mobile leap to Andriod and iOS, only in Japan though. After so long many have simply given up hope of it ever being brought to Western audiences.

But last week on Twitter @Japan_Game_Love tweeted about the sad state of PSO2 in the West... and SEGA answered.

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SegaGamer1556d ago

Not even a word has been since that day, what a ridiculous way to treat their fans.

When they are asked at game conventions they just give vague responses. It's not right, just come out and say something already.

The way SEGA have been treating us fans it's making me hate them. I have been a SEGA fan for nearly 20 years and i have never been as annoyed with them as i am now.