AMD Preps Radeon 4850 Launch for June 25

The Radeon 4850 features a 625 MHz core clock and GDDR3 clock in excess of 2000MHz. Corporate documentation explains that the 480 stream processors on the RV770 processor offer considerable enhancements over the 320 stream processors found in the RV670 core, though AMD memos reveal little about how this is accomplished.

AMD partners claim the new card will not compete against the $600 GTX 200 just announced yesterday. Instead, AMD pits the Radeon 4850 against the recently re-priced NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX. Distributors claim the 4850 will see prices as low as $199 at launch -- well under the $299 MSRP for GeForce 9800 GTX. More expensive versions of RV770 will feature HDMI, audio pass-through and possibly the fabled Qimonda GDDR5 memory.

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likeaboss3023802d ago

Damn it looks like AMD is going for the bang for the buck market and not ass rape the PC gamer for good performance. I might have to give them a look and I'm an NVIDIA guy.

bumnut3802d ago

you won't be disapointed, ati cards are good and a lot cheaper than nvidia.

They may not be as fast but who wants to pay $600 for a card?

you could build a triple crossfire setup for the cost of one gtx200.

LiquifiedArt3802d ago

Best graphics chip manufacter on the planet. Stream-line design. ZERO clunky software. Always performs well.



Revvin3802d ago

I'd be tempted if it were not for the poor driver quality when I last used ATi products back around the 9700/9800 range, since then I've gone back to nVidia.