Halo: The Cole Protocol Novel Announced

GamingShogun writes, "The next Halo novel has been announced. Called 'The Cole Protocol' is is the sixth Halo novel and will show readers an 'unexplored' part of our war with the 'Covies, including the Spartan 'Gray Team'. The novel is set for release in the fall.

For those that have not read the novels, the Cole Protocol was first implemented by Admiral Cole when retreating from Covenant forces. Basically, it states that no ship may make a direct jump to Earth for fear that the Covenant might track the ship and find the planet's location. It forces commanders to make a series of jumps to various locations in order to throw any following enemies off the trail. If in danger of capture by Covenant forces, a UNSC vessel must self-destruct in order to not let Earth's location fall into enemy, claws... Yes. I am a big nerd..."

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