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Talk about hidden depths! I can’t believe what I discovered as I started to push past that surface and let go of my preconceptions.

You’re going to have to uncover it for yourself of course – but I can give you a few clues on how you might get started - Writes Karlos Morale

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PridedLlama1528d ago

Bonkers game, seems fitting it should have a bonkers review. I haven't really got a clue what you were on about but I do find myself glancing at pigeons on rooftops for a little longer than comfortable.

FrugalDaz1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

It's a beautiful review, I think the game might break my heart, the review started with some emotional cracking.

I expected filthy bird sex, I seem to have gotten a melancholy poem.

UglyGeezer1528d ago

It' wonderful..... Unusually poetic in here.

karlosmorale1528d ago

Trying to convey the idea that 'the pigeon game' was actually quite a bittersweet experience and worthy of your time, whilst not sounding preachy or 'hipster' was tough. I hope I managed it!

mmofanatic1528d ago

One of the most awesome, heartfelt reviews I have ever read.