Xbox One Exclusive Sunset Overdrive Gets New Trailer Showing Grinding, Jumping and Killing Aplenty

If you want to see more of the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive, Microsoft Japan is coming to the rescue, with a brand new trailer from the Archipelago of the Rising Sun.

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qwerty6761381d ago

hmmm this could help a little bit in japan i guess.

Septic1381d ago

Xbox Japan need more than a little help. This is not exactly a system seller imo, especially in Japan. More Japanese-centric games are needed and some killer exclusives to make the X1 an attractive prospect over there.

Anyway, SO looks like a lot of fun. I hope the MP options are deep so that the game has some longevity.

lelo2play1381d ago

Looks like a lot of fun.

CBaoth1381d ago

Hell yeah, my 2 XB1 purchases this fall, MCC and this. Looks like a return to form for Insomniac.

Sheikh Yerbouti1380d ago

I think a good sum are waiting for those two games before they buy an XBox One (Halo for what it is and SO for the white XBOne bundle). I think MS may even steal a week or two in this important Holiday season.

mrpsychoticstalker1381d ago

Success it's on the way, I think this type of game is what the Japanese crowd likes. Not Titanfall, not Forza.

All_Consoles1381d ago

Well those games are top sellers for xbox in japan. Titanfall because of big mechs, and forza because japan is one of the worlds largest auto manufacturers

Outthink_The_Room1381d ago

I agree, but Dead Rising was also a top 20 seller. And this seems to be more like a Saints Row + InFamous + Dead Rising type of feel.

I don't think any XB1 games will sell a ton in Japan, aside from maybe Scalebound or Phantom Dust. The Halo MCC might move numbers based solely on the amount of content in the package, but even then, nothing Earth shattering.

gemini21381d ago

ummm titanfall is number one selling game in japan btw.the crowd should love this also

Aussiebeachbabe1381d ago

This is going to be an excellent addition to xbox one.

Mexxan1381d ago (Edited 1381d ago )

I think it's more a western version of what might sell in Japan. Bayonetta 2 has gameplay which makes this look sedentary - I think that sells well over there. Sunset Overdrive is gonna do nicely for my fix, but I think they should speed up the railing a little more and just a tad less floaty.

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The story is too old to be commented.