The Golf Club Review - The Digital Fix

It’s a sim, it’s not meant to be fun...right?

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TheBrownBandito1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

The gameplay is challenging (especially the putting) which is a good thing. Gone are the days of everybody going around at 10 under.

Unfortunately the pop in is terrible, and I mean really terrible. I would echo everything the reviewer has pointed out, but there is one problem that is worse than all the rest. When playing a round with friends there is a ridiculous delay in updating what your playing partner has done. Sometimes a minute or more for the scorecard to update, and sometimes he has teed off on the next hole before the tracer appears on your screen for his approach shot on the previous hole. It's quite obviously a server issue and ruins the whole co op experience.

Also, you have the ability to enable taking turns for shots. Quite ridiculously it lets you both take your shot, then shows you the replay afterwards. You cannot watch the shot in real time, just stand about waiting. Very odd.

If they could sort out these blatant structural/mechanical issues, it would be a far better game than Tiger Woods, even with it's weak visuals. It really is more challenging than Woods. But with terrible menus (think Warthunder) and particularly unpolished graphics, it frustrates and gets old quickly.

I really do hope they have some patches in the works, otherwise I will be giving up on The Golf Club and keeping my fingers crossed that the next iteration of Woods can offer something a little more realistic than that which it has grown to be over the last few years.

Woods polish with The Golf Club's sim style would be really good.