7.0 Destiny (PS4) Review


Marketing is a complicated thing. If you're about to release a new product, conventional wisdom might suggest that the more advertising spend you throw at it, the more anticipation you build, and the more successful the product will become.

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philm871557d ago

The way they slag the game off in the article I'm surprised they didn't give it 3/10. Can't believe he thinks strikes are the worst bit about the game, they're awesome.
Could it be the ones that don't like the game just don't have the friends to play it with? Does make it much more fun playing with mates.

cr33ping_death1557d ago

I just did a mars strike... intense. Those big guys with the shields... that tank and the final boss with the mini gun.... awesome.

joab7771557d ago

I was quick to jump all over this review...but I think it's spot on. Now, to me it's impossible to fully review a game like this until it's gets rolling, bit the author points out legitimate complaints.

Mmo fans may be frustrated by the lack of strategy involved (not including raids) and fps players may be frustrated by the repetitive nature of things.

Here's to hoping they hear any complaints and the game evolves nicely. So far, I love it.

ShowGun9011557d ago

yay!'s review is in! cause thats what we've been waiting for, right? can anybody review a game now as a "professional journalist"?

"At best, the always-online element adds nothing to the game"

umm, what? ive had an absolute BLAST playing with my friends, which wouldn't really be possible without it being online... although a single player only mode would be a nice addition, playing destiny alone is kind of missing the entire point.

"every boss is functionally identical and requires the same strategy - find and shoot the weak point while avoiding the big attacks"

just got done with FFXIV, and every boss fight could be described with the sentence above, find weakness while avoiding big attacks. or DmC. or almost any other game ever.

"The problem is that, despite being a co-op mode, they demand no cooperation or teamwork"

"To make matters worse, they're unreasonably, frustratingly difficult. And not from any kind of complexity that can be overcome by strategy, but from sheer weight of numbers"

sorry, but if you're playing your class correctly, and not playing like a kill stealing, rambo impersonating, 11 year old COD vetran, then you'll be fine. teamwork IS required, and the fact the author hit such a brick wall shows he doesn't understand the game as much as he would let on (hey, im no expert either!)

overall, i give this review a 6/10

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