Eternal Destiny - The IP that will dominate a generation

MWEB GameZone writes: "Activision has effectively made back the investment it put in Bungie's Destiny after just one day. It may be premature to say, but it looks like this will be the IP that dominates this generation."

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plut0nash1554d ago

I'm not so sure about this. Great game yes, but domination of a generation? That's setting the bar a little too high.

HanCilliers1554d ago

I agree, we have a lot of amazing games coming out in October

BABYLEG1554d ago

I'm much more hyped about Sunset OD than Destiny.

lord zaid1554d ago

That game looks quite boss. I have a feeling it could be system seller for Xbox One. I certainly hope so. I love the PS4, but im not keen a on generation dominated by one console.

MRMagoo1231554d ago

@lord zaid

"I love the PS4, but im not keen a on generation dominated by one console." It worked out pretty well with the ps1 and ps2, probably known as THE best console generations ever to many.

lord zaid1554d ago


That's very true. But im thinking long term. That dominant position also lead to some terrible hubris afterward.

Having said that. If Sony behaves like they did during the PS1/PS2 times, then i might not mind a single console being undisputed champ.

Magicite1553d ago

what can you expect from site named '' ''?

plut0nash1553d ago

What's that supposed to mean? How can you judge quality by a domain name?

DesVader1554d ago

Ceratinly is drawing a lot of interest (and sales) but I think the best part of it is that its a new IP! These ongoing versions of tired old IPs are getting too much now.

SonZeRo1554d ago

It's an interesting IP i will admit, but dominate the generation? i don't think so, unless they can pull another successful game from the IP.

mafiahajeri1554d ago

The continuous support and content will make or break this game.

lord zaid1554d ago

Thats the real catch, isn't it. If gamers feel like Bungie have their attention focussed on this game, they stick with it.

1554d ago
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