Students Flipping Out Over Destiny: You're In School, Yes?

All these college students who are flooding Twitter with their whining about Destiny need to look around and remember where they are.

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DivineCrusader1555d ago

This post is downright ridiculous. People spend their time as they see fit, and there's no way in hell they're supposed to be doing anything else. College life is not at all supposed to be lived a certain way, and the poster has no business claiming otherwise.

If you've spent 60 bucks on a product it should work, regardless of whether or not you're in college. Period.

kiz26941555d ago

Completely agree, college can be a very stressful time for students and all they needs is some relaxation sometimes and most student i know would just chill out and game for a bit in the evening, eases the stress.

CorndogBurglar1555d ago

Am I missing something here, or is this the college's fault and not Bungie's?

I fail to see how its Bungie's fault that the College blocks the servers...

Soldierone1555d ago

Kind of have to ask the question if this person even went to college? A real college that is. Universities have dorms, and in there they have the option of internet. This is the schools internet, and this is what's being blocked....

They are in basically their own home on their own time trying to play a game and not being able to.... That's like saying "you have a job, you are not allowed to have free time....." Really? Not only that the semester just barely begun, there is no midterm or finals going on right now, and if anything you have a few essays a couple weeks away. Most college students are not "busy" right now, so the entire subject is false.

Not everyone wants to be in lame football or some other "activity" and do have free time to do other things.....

JeffGUNZ1554d ago

A significant portion of my college career was drinking and playing video games. What is this thinking? Classes were just interruptions to gaming and drinking.

I remember when my buddy and I were playing Medal of Honor in the Pacific and every time we killed an enemy we would have to take a shot. Man, I miss those days!

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SliceOfTruth8881555d ago

What a embarrassing click bait article. So while in school its supposed to be no fun for 4+ years? This site should be banned from the internet

shloobmm31555d ago

I could understand why you would be frustrated with the college. Obviously it's not Destiny's fault. I don't agree with someone feeling college can't be about fun while attending a school especially when that school is making tens of thousands of dollars for you being there.

Bubbamilk1555d ago

Sounds like an issues with the campus Internet if I'm not mistaken. If they are using free Internet from the college then they have no room to complain. If they pay for their own Internet then I understand the complaining and it needs to be fixed, but I just don't see that being the case.

College kids don't like it then they need to pay for Internet like normal adults that live on their own, and if for some reason that isn't allowed on campus then still it's a college issue that should be taken up with the college that u go to.

Although I will say the only thing I don't like about destiny is the need to be online. I have to give them that much. I like single player to stand on its own as a single player experience. I'm sure that's not what the complaining is about tho. The age group that is in college right now has never seen life without the Internet. I'm sure bitching is second nature to these kids that are at that age and fortunate enough to have families that can afford college and have been raised with social media. It's a mean assumption to make, but sadly it's true for a large chunk of these kids.spoiled

TheTimeDoctor1555d ago

you are no taking in to account how ridiculously overpriced college is.

Alabamarolltide19901555d ago

They are. It's part of tuition. College is extremely expensive. So that 14k I pay a semester just doesn't go books and classes. It goes straight to other things
Including Internet

DanteVFenris6661555d ago

I only pay 3 k for tuition must suck where you live.

SonyStyled1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

DanteVFenris666 wherever you live stay there.

I have a friend who pays $80k a year a law school in Boston and another who pays $60k at another school in the same state. The $60k friend is graduating next spring with a degree in early childhood education with a comfortable $240k in loans to pay back. both in which will be difficult to get jobs to pay it back because they only hold education, not experience and the economy sucks. thats america for you. but at a cost like that id be pretty pissed if a $60 game cant be played online however being unable to play would be the least of my worries

theshredded1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Bunch of spoiled brats,they need some old school physical beatdown!Belts would be great to use

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