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Destiny PS4 Review - A wonderful universe deep with content and endless opportunities for growth. Does it live up to the hype? The answer is simple.

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Chuk51555d ago


Well the review is okay, decently written. What's interesting are these tiny cracks exposing little spurts of review, because you know the dam is about to explode come let's say...Friday.

vishmarx1555d ago

whether the reviews are positive or not-so positive
the first impressions arent great.
low scores and people openly bash the game together.
high scores and people bash the reviewer and the game.

When developers/publishers spend unwarranted amounts of money on hyping up a game that is no better than every other game, they are asking for backlash. They are the ones hyping it up.

Nobody hates Destiny or Watch Dogs because they were popular.
People were annoyed because their devs and publishers spent endless millions of dollars pushing it into absolutely everyones faces and wouldn't shut up for months about it, and then it's released and it's just okay.

I can't be the only one who sits here and thinks, if only they spent that $xx million spent on marketing on actually making the game, it would have been better than okay.

It's pretty stupid that people are actually rewarding devs/pubs for wasting so much money.
The second the game is released, that 10,20,30 whatever million was instantly a waste.
"Oh wow, this game is so great because of all those millions spent marketing, it really shows" - Nobody ever.

KAEM71555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Good points. But you have to realise commenters on sites like N4G are the (very) vocal minority. Simple business and marketing rules apply. To Reach the not so hardcore gamer that is not so interested and invested in games that they read sites like n4g, you NEED marketing.

Agreed the marketing budget for the franchise is huge (exorbitant maybe even)

Look on the plus side, destiny might pull in more and more gamers into the hardcore zone thanks to the rpg elements and the deeper workings of the end game. I for one think Destiny is a hell of a lot better to have as the biggest shooter franchise than cod.

inevitibly destiny will get 'ruined' and the vocal hardcore gamers will want something else. And so-on and soforth

Big_Game_Hunters1555d ago

" A wonderful universe deep with content "
3 classes
5 worlds
lv20 cap

aviator1891555d ago

I read that comment in the review and I was like... "Did we play the same game??"
There's a decent amount of content, but it certainly isn't that intense.

JoGam1555d ago

Is it a easy Platinum?

aviator1891555d ago


Sorry, I can't answer that. I played it on the xbox one version.

Loktai1555d ago


Not even close.

Chuk51555d ago

Drive by comments: vintage "hate the big popular thing".

Big_Game_Hunters1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Yet i have over 1000 hours in DOTA 2, an even more popular thing.

Chuk51555d ago

You know exactly what I mean. does DOTA2 have the same mass appeal as destiny? Of course not. It's false equivalence.

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TongkatAli1555d ago

The opening sales of this is going to be the tip of the iceberg, no amount of hate is going to slow this train, haha, but you can keep trolling in vain, its fun to watch.

DoctorFry1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )


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Kilo_Brown1555d ago

Mates, to clarify the issue of the extensive content, it is really a well developed game. The amount of things to do and ways to do it are vast. If you've been around in gaming you can truly appreciate the scope and delievery of this game. Might not be for everyone, but it is a great title with loads of entertainment. Everyone is entitled to an opinion of course, so feel free to continue sharing your voice.

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