"Super Hero Generation" Gets Exciting 5-Minute Trailer

Namco Bandai Games’ simulating role-playing video game by the name of “Super Hero Generation” just got a lengthy action-packed promotional video. In the game, we will see characters from “Kamen Rider”, “Ultraman” and “Mobile Suit Gundam” franchises all come together, with a total of 21 playable heroes. Players will be able to control three characters to fight against evil villains whose plan is to completely destroy the world.

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hazelamy1554d ago

these crossover games almost never make it to the west though, too many licensing issues, so cool as it looks, i'm not gonna get my hopes up.

johny51554d ago

When will we ever get a Guyver Bio-boosted armor game?

KillerResistance1554d ago

I like it, its like Project X Zone for 3DS, i sold my 3DS too soon so i didnt get that, so im looking forward for this on my Vita (its coming to Vita right?)