Retail Radar: Gran Turismo HD, Hellgate pushed to late '07

Online retailer suggests that Polyphony Digital and Flagship Studios are taking their time with anticipated titles.

The list of developers known for their ability to produce hits has some overlap with the list of developers known for their ability to hold onto games as long as it takes until they're "done." Polyphony Digital and Blizzard Entertainment are two such companies; now it appears that the developers of Gran Turismo and a startup Flagship Studios (headed by veterans of Blizzard's Diablo franchise) could each be carrying on that tradition of tardiness.

Product listings on for Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo HD and Flagship's Hellgate: London both indicate that the games won't be shipping for another year.

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DEIx15x84407d ago

Isn't GT:HD just GT4 that they made HD compatible? How could that possible have an excuse for a delay?