PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886's GameStop Pre-Order Bonuses are Fit for the Desert, Maybe Overpowered

GameStop announced its exclusive pre-order bonuses for Ready at Dawn's upcoming game The Order: 1886, coming on top of the generic bonuses already announced back at E3.

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qwerty6761555d ago

i've been hearing some concerning things about this game

i'd hold off on this one and wait and see how it turns out.

SoapShoes1555d ago

That doesn't make much sense... It doesn't come out till February, you're gonna have to hold off on it no matter what. I've also heard great things about it, mixed things, etc. All games have that even The Last of Us did.

KYPRIME1555d ago

good for you, i had concerns with the xbox one too and i waited and i did the right thing, i got a ps4 instead

iSuperSaiyanGod1554d ago

I have both , equally great consoles . Each have the bad & good .

Funantic11554d ago

I have both but prefer the X1 for a number of reasons. I do need more PSN friends. I'm "BKaca" on PSN. Yes I'm really up there.

JohnJ1554d ago

Yea I've got both, to say one is great
And the other isn't is absolute rubbish - they're both extremely similar, and both great

starchild1554d ago

It looks good enough to me. I'll enjoy it for its story and graphics alone. Even if the gameplay is average it should still be good enough for me to enjoy the overall experience. And, hey, it might surprise us all and actually have some pretty fun gameplay.

MegaRay1554d ago

That what I always do for new IPs anyway.
Look at Destiny for instant.

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skulz71555d ago

They are probably much less over powered than you think. It says "an" endless regeneration meaning it's probably a perk or it will give you a quicker cooldown on health regeneration.

xilx1555d ago

Not only that, it's a single player-only game isn't it? If something like that ruins the challenge for you, just don't use it.

mcarsehat1555d ago

good, games get better when given the option to become more casual (overpowered.)

I miss cheat codes.

BeardedPriest1555d ago

Its looks like a boring game anyway.

KYPRIME1555d ago

sorry because the devs didn't make a game not boring for you, we all know how important you are

Forn1555d ago

Suuure it does *rolls eyes*

medman1554d ago

Heh...your eye rolling is freaking me out!!

TongkatAli1555d ago

Yeah, but not more boring then the Division. Articles about that game put me to sleep. Watch Dogs is going to be better then that game, haha.

Gravity_DoGG1555d ago

Are you serious? watch dogs all ready released and it was trash. The division isn't gonna be what they showed us first, but it's gonna be better than WD for sure. It's Tom Clanys after all..

iSuperSaiyanGod1554d ago

Watch dogs was trash lol . One of the biggest letdowns ever lol

TongkatAli1554d ago

My point is both are going to be letdowns, Tom Clancy is going to be a bigger one because of the name attached to it, people are calling Destiny bad and Bungie made it.

The Division could suck, it's possible. The game sounds really boring.

mysteryraz111554d ago

the order is the best lookin game ever

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