Destiny prices already dropping for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Prices for Destiny are already dropping for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases of Destiny at several retailers.

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xHeavYx1556d ago

Wow! a $0.99 savings on the PS4 Destiny bundle!

Lightning Mr Bubbles1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Yeah, cause it's crap and they know it, that's why they don't want websites to review it.

They figure if people don't know it's crap yet, they can at least cash in at launch.

I hope this backfires on their ass.

Panthers1556d ago

IDK im having a lot of fun. Its a great game with a lot of potential for future content

N4Flamers1556d ago

Mr bubbles. Are you seriously that negative? So you're saying bungie doesn't want people to know it's a bad game yet they had one of the largest open betas in console history. I respect your opinion but at least try to compose it intelligently.

choujij1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

@Mr Bubbles

If you don't stop being so negative, soon you'll be Mr Bubble. XD

It's a good game whether you like it or not.

warczar1556d ago

@mr. Bubbles

How can you say that knowing nothing about it? And don't tell me because you played the beta. I've personally never played a game that blends multiplayer and campaign together so well, I find myself jumping back and forth constantly. I can understand you hating Activision but dont hate the game.

admiralvic1556d ago

@ the people replying to Mr Bubbles

Come on, don't feed obvious trolls. Destiny is a social game and I am pretty sure anyone who has actually played it can understand why they wanted to wait for a sizable amount of people to be on. I mean, you figure there would be what, 200 - 400 reviewers playing this game tops? Imagine how hard it would be to find 3 people looking to raid, especially a high level one like the vanguard playlist (the 18+ ones).

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Dlacy13g1556d ago

lol... I will check back when its more than dollar value menu savings.

UltraNova1556d ago

^^^ What an unsatisfied and ungrateful bad person you are! What one whole dollar aint enough for you??

Shame on you!

ABizzel11556d ago

LMAO, it's not bad, but they had a Jalapeno McChicken for a limited time in California that had a Jalapeno Relish on it, and Oooooo it was so good :D

ABizzel11556d ago

It looks messy, but mmmm it was sooooooo good

solar1556d ago

the game wont survive long. play the shit outta it for the first 2 months, then move on.

Perjoss1556d ago

2 months gameplay out of a single non subscription based game? that sounds like incredible value to me.

jznrpg1556d ago

They will add on content as well, paid and maybe( big maybe) free content. It's not a bad first entry imo, and I'm not a big shooter guy to say the least.

Scatpants1556d ago

I've been really enjoying it, but I don't expect to still be playing it after October, too many other games coming out. I may get the DLC if I'm bored one day.

TheSaint1556d ago

That's it, returning game and burning PS4. I'm mad about that 99c.

geddesmond1555d ago

God dam it I got mine for 98 cent off the bundle. If I had of waiting I might still be rich.

Tapewurm1555d ago

This game is so much fun... played the Alpha and Beta... and the final product is so much better... the Story mode gets really interesting once you get to the moon and beyond... so glad this game is out... perfect mix of shooter and rpg/mmo goodness... can't expect a true review of this for a month or so... great so far with my level 12 hunter 8)

Bobby Kotex1555d ago

Whatever it takes to get hits on their crappy website.

Mega241555d ago

Is this even news worthy? its how they get you when its through shipping, they charge you extra... nothing new.

ziggurcat1555d ago

would love to see someone price match hahaha

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Clown_Syndr0me1556d ago

Its cheaper than most games in store right now. Its also in stock, which is weird as Diablo 3 has been sold out most places for ages.
I guess they just ordered in wayyyyy too many Destinys and not enough Diablos.

CorndogBurglar1556d ago

Not that i don't love Diablo 3, because i do. But its not sold out anywhere in my town.

Clown_Syndr0me1556d ago

I live in Southampton, UK and it was literally sold out everywhere except one supermarket. During my shopping yesterday I noticed it was still sold out in my local. They must of just really underestimated the sales.
Often the less hyped games are out of stock here. Wolfenstein was for weeks.

xPhearR3dx1555d ago

I was trying to get my cousin to get it, and he went to 5 different stores and kept saying they were sold out. I thought he was lying until he sent me pictures and then ended up getting the last copy at another store. Honestly, I just think retailers underestimated the sales for Diablo.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1556d ago

They probably got a handful of copies each in your area. Same shit happened for dragons dogma dark arisen. each store in my area got 1 copy only.

hiredhelp1556d ago

Just bought mine here in UK tescos fir £40 Game wanted £50 PSN £55 great saving

stavrami-mk21556d ago

Was that game online? because I went in the store and it was 54.99 what a absolute joke. trusty amazon to the rescue when I get back of hols me thinks

hiredhelp1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

No was in store but that could been £55 as my girlfreind ran in for me.

Muzikguy1556d ago

I can't believe the price is dropping already. Not enough demand? I think I'm going to tell my girl that I don't want the game anymore. Sounds like a sort of flop if the price drops this fast if you ask me

Eddie201011556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

It's a great game well worth the $59.99 retail, wait till the numbers come and you will see that it has broken some sales records, as it should have.

Unless your a fanboy that is mad because his or her console was not the main focus even though the company (Microsoft) has made many deals like this in the past.

Not saying you are but this game is getting a lot of negative reaction just because of it's deal with Sony. There was a beta with a lot of people playing , liking and purchasing the game.

They probably put it on sale so that the sales numbers are extremely high giving it a good foothold to become a regular series of games or expansions.

porkChop1556d ago

Man the game is selling like crazy, biggest new IP launch. It's definitely not a flop.

Muzikguy1556d ago

I played the beta, it wasn't bad. There's so many games coming out I don't know what I want to play first! And then when I do, there will probably only be 2 or so that keep my interest. That's why I'm debating on this one. I bought a lot of games that weren't worth the price last gen. Just being more cautious this time around

Perjoss1556d ago

The 50 and 55 price tags are just because the consoles are still new, the release day prices should drop to the regular £40 in time.

55 for the digital versions is just insane though. Someone must be paying those prices though otherwise they would never price them so high.

PaleMoonDeath1556d ago

Was going to pikc it up earlier today, £54 at Game, no chance man.

Guess I'll wait a while to get a copy, times like these make me wish I had Steam.

BiggerBoss1556d ago

But Destiny isn't on steam...?

PaleMoonDeath1556d ago

In the future my friend, in the future. Games are FAR to expensive these days, used to be a problem spending £40 on a brand new game, £54 is just ridiculous.. working class man here.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1556d ago

There was a steam leak implying it was coming. Bungie also said they wanted it on pc too but had too much to handle at the time. I'd say 3-6 months and it'll be on steam.

Ultr1556d ago

Download on psn? Xblive?

stavrami-mk21556d ago

Amazon was 40 yesterday not sure today not checked

The_KELRaTH1556d ago

You could buy it from Tesco Direct for £40 less £5 using code TDX-HQ9T

This was the pre-order price a few days ago so I guess it's still the same

(PS4 & X1)

beebap1556d ago

Gameseek has it at 41.50 if that helpful.

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BattleTorn1556d ago

25% pre-paid card at Target!

I don't have a Target even near me, but a friend of mine picked up 3 $50 PSN cards for $112!