NPD Group Survey Finds Half of PC Gamers Only Buys Games on Sale

Maximum PC: If you're a PC gamer, there's a good chance your Steam library is filled with titles that you purchased at a discount but have yet to play. It's hard to pass up those sale prices, especially when they come so frequently, but are we hurting the industry by turning our collective noses up at titles when they're full price? According to NPD Group, half all PC gamers wait for a sale before picking up a game.

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wallis1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

This is interesting, but not totally mind boggling either. If I'm on the edge of buying a game I'll often just wait, the risk is reduced if the game is cheaper i.e. if it sucks, or doesn't work/run well then it's not such a big tragedy.

What I do find mindboggling is that in a world where games have overtaken movies and literature as the leading entertainment industry in the world, where steam and gta V can rake in over a billion dollars a year, why is it considered a consumer's duty to look after that industry?

Maybe they could just take this as a sign that years and years of releasing buggy and half finished products, of delaying titles on PC only to port them later in an inferior and half arsed way, has taught PC gamers to just be careful. We have to reduce risk because if we buy a game we don't like we can't trade it in, we can't get a refund, and we can barely ever find support that's actually helpful. The most reliable source of support we have is always the community.