Get Over Here Mortal Kombat Kollective is live

Gamersbliss writes: "Mortal Kombat, the legendary gaming franchise best known for it’s gratuitous violence and over the top gore, has always attracted legions of artists creating their own visions and expressions of Netherrealm Studio’s iconic characters. From costume designs and back stories to original songs and short films, the Mortal Kombat series is one of the most “fan arted” game around. Well good news for all of you, myself included, who are fans as Netherrealm Studios just launched the Mortal Kombat Kollective!"

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SheaHoff1556d ago

I really like the poster one :)

evilkillerk1556d ago

i feel that the fighting genre has kind of died

Link2DaFutcha1556d ago

With all the hype around Mortal Kombat X and SSB, not to mention the upcoming Pokken, I'd have to disagree.