The Destiny Story Campaign Took Us About 16 Hours to Beat

We powered through the game to find out how the game's story turns out, what rewards you get, and what to do once the campaign is done

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LazyGoron1554d ago

I've been seeing this more often than the 9/10 originally. About 15-20 hours depending on your playstyle and how you decide to level up.

joab7771554d ago

I am pretty good at shooters and it will take you considerably longer if you play each on hard mode. And if you follow the natural progression and do strikes, patrols, and level equipment etc.

This story isn't made to speed through, unless u think that's the fastest way to level cap, which I'm not sure...but possibly is.

RyuCloudStrife1554d ago

Im level 20 already and have done a little of everything.

I just finished doing the mission where you get to use the sword, I don't think I'm too deep into the story.

Eonjay1554d ago

Plus difficulty, I play all missions on hard.

extermin8or1554d ago

There is a story? Lol I thought there were just a series of objectives often similar to one another with a vague underlying connection but no real meat to the explanation for your actions that happened to be fun to play through....

crusf1554d ago

What were you doing during the cutscenes? Writing stuff like this.

extermin8or1554d ago

nah everything up to the moon is like this, venus is tbf where the proper story takes hold, i kinda wish that the story had been this interesting say.... 6 missions ago though,as i know how many missions i have left and it doesnt feel like enough for the story to be as compelling as it easily could be. but i do take back my previous comment.

Pascalini1554d ago

There's barely a story

This game is pretty poor no wonder they were able to release it this year - the content is minimal

RyuCloudStrife1554d ago

There is lots to do, been playing since 1am EST. it is now 5:40pm took break to eat and piss I am level 20 (just reached it) and there is much more for me to do. $60 well spent. Love this game.

extermin8or1554d ago

the gameplay is good it's just designed to clearly need a shit tone of dlc exapnsion packs...

--Onilink--1554d ago

I honestly cannot comprehend why there is so much hate for this game on this site. Sure not everyone has to like it, thats perfectly understandable, but what with HATING a game just because its not your taste.

Ive heard its perfectly possible to not like something and not have to go around commenting in every post all about how the game sucks for X or Y reason just because you dont like it... you know.. just ignore the game

GiggMan1554d ago

This is how you know Destiny is a success. It's the new cool thing to hate on.

Remember, you aint cool unless you hate on something cool...

Cryptcuzz1554d ago

It's sad (for them) really, but there is a little bit of a few things I think could be the reasons.

1) Angry fans that (that probably secretly likes the game) did not like Bungie (A former Xbox developer) making their next big game with exclusive Playstation content, beta access, etc.

2) Those who thought this game was a typical MMO game.

3) Those who thought this games main focus is the campaign.

4) Those who thought it would play like CoD/Battlefield games.

5) Those who thinks its cool to hate on anything that garners a lot of hype.

Just ignore them and enjoy the game (if you have it) because I certainly am. You never know, they could be EA shills that wants to kill the hype for the game LOL.

Patrick_pk441554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Or those who actually don't find the game appealing, and just boring as hell. Everyone has their own opinion.

cyclindk1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

"there is a little bit of a few things I think could be the reasons"

Learn de English...

Not everything is a conspiracy of "cool to hate" people who are attacking games you like to play.

Try and leave your emotion out of your comments and make objective supported statements and people might take you more seriously.

Otherwise you come across a whiny kid, even if you aren't. Just FYI.

Cryptcuzz1552d ago

@ cyclindk

This is what you said to another member in another article:

"Destiny got hyped, but nothing they showed or that I experienced in the betas ever led me to believe any of it in the first place.

But it sure does look like it may be a success regardless.. was a pass for me"

You don't even have the game, so why are you on a crusade to down play the game so much?

"Otherwise you come across a whiny kid, even if you aren't. Just FYI"

You say that, but for someone that apparently doesn't even have the game is going into multiple articles about Destiny and whining about the game not being the greatest game in the world, while trying to impose your dislike for the game on others..LOL okay sure.

Learn de English...

Keep your cool spade, running out of ideas and now resulting in pointing out ones grasp on a language?

ShowGun9011554d ago

Between not being halo, and being really popular, this game was destined for idiots to bash online... Even ign made fun of the trolls hating on it! Can't wait to hop back on, finally start earning marks!

To all the haters, congratulations! You could be having fun with me and the millions of others who think destiny rock, but instead you'd rather sit alone in a basement somewhere raging. It's sad, I've NEVER even come close to altering one of my purchasing decisions because of somebody crying in a comments section, never will... And considering most n4g users educate themselves about games they're gonna buy, I don't think anybody else on here cares what they think either.

Sorry, destiny awesome, deal with it

HanzoHattori1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

The COD lovers don't know what to do now that the average person who doesn't play shooters can enter the game, level up, and spit shine their faces with a shotgun. LOL. Every time I watch a live stream and see it happen it makes me laugh. That's the main reason that this game is getting so much hate and spite, anyone can be good at it, even if you don't like FPS.

The 10th Rider1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Personally, I'm not a huge fan...But I haven't been bashing it (you can check my comment history.) It's not my style of game, so I won't play it. I don't have problems with other people playing it, though. If I had anything negative to say it'd probably just be that I think there's more than a few people with unrealistic expectations. But whatever anyone's initial reasons for disliking it I doubt the frequent flood of popular Destiny news helped.

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ShowGun9011554d ago

I heard they ran through skyrims story in 5 hours... Damn that game must have no content

My skyrim file? 280 hours

PygmelionHunter1554d ago

Irrelevant attempt at sarcasm. Skyrim is an old enough game to guarantee some people will be familiarized enough with the game as to be able to perform speed runs. Besides, that game has both easy to manage save states and the loading times can be optimized by the hardware it's running on.

The fact remains, Destiny relies on repetition to extend playtime.

HanzoHattori1554d ago

"The fact remains, Destiny relies on repetition to extend playtime."

Most games with RPG/MMO elements do. How else do you expect to level up your character?

DarkOcelet1554d ago

I ran New Vegas in 45 minutes and in another playthrough i got 300 hour and in pc version with mods...... over 400 hours maybe more than 600 .

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