Objectivity Is Dying, and That’s a Good Thing

GeekParty writes: "Reviews aren’t objective, and that’s amazing news for video games as an art form. If you’re angered by this, please keep reading because you are my target audience."

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gametangents1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

...Reviews have almost always lacked objectivity. Cant kill something that has yet to happen lol. Remember the pros have a conflict of interest and a livelihood to worry about. Further pros scores can be easily doctored by assigning them to a specific person within an organization with known personalities. This is why pro's almost always score big budget stuff higher than the community as a whole. Normal folks are only objective in the same way you are... they have their own idea of how things should be scored and they are not shy to express their bias. If there really was objectivity in the review world, then pro scores would be consistent with the community average... we all know that they are not.