Dev: FIFA 15 Can't Compete With PES 2015, Try Upcoming Demo, Current Football Games Don't Come Close

PES European Brand Manager Adam Bhatti has stated that FIFA 15 can't compete with PES 2015. He argues gamers to must download upcoming PES 2015 demo and added that "Seriously, all football games right now don't come close"

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bouzebbal1527d ago

ok, i think i will wait for the demo to see how it is.
i tried PES at gamescom and it wasn't impressed. FIFA isn't super either the level goes down since 2010

philm871527d ago

They're trying at least, that's what counts. Fifa 15 demo is immense, can't wait for the PES2015 demo if it's going to be better! Not going to hold my breath.

Clown_Syndr0me1527d ago

I don't understand how "other football games dont come close".
The only other one right now is Fifa, and it must be different can a football game be? I cant think of anything revolutionary they could actually add, apart from groundbreaking visuals and maybe more fluid controls.

Palitera1527d ago

Since neither have fluid and responsive controls anymore, you pretty much already gave part of the answer. .

PinkEye1527d ago

With how amazing NBA 2K is, 2k Sports should get Soccer license and make soccar feel more fluid and strategic. THAT would crush both PES and Fifa.

Palitera1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

^ gives me hope!

Maybe that way I'd have some football game to play this gen.

The way it is now is disgusting. The best part of my last two years playing Fifa was when I booted other games after that and thought "wow, these are responsive controls". Every game feels much better if you play them after struggling with Fifs truck driving controls.

mafiahajeri1527d ago

Loving the fifa demo so far!

Budobear1527d ago

I've always been more of a PES fan than a Fifa fan. I'll download the demo and see what I think, as they just haven't been that good for years.

hkgamer1527d ago

same, but then pes stayed the same and fifa kind of took over. i do want pes to take the lead once again though. i never really enjoyed fifa controls.

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The story is too old to be commented.