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NHL 15 was supposed to be a celebration of hockey. A true coming of age that would have us flying banners and cheering EA’s name as they masterfully took the step up to the new generation and showed us their skills on previously untouched ice. Well, they got one part of that right...sort of.

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qwerty6761558d ago

wow this gAme is not being received well

crosstrigger1558d ago

The game itself is awesome, EA just gave us half of it.......

aviator1891558d ago

Cutting out content is the worst thing you can do in a franchise... smh.

EvilWay1558d ago

They built the game from the ground up give them a little bit of break

aviator1891558d ago

It's a blast of a game, imo.
But I'm talking from reviewer's aspects. I don't mind the content cut as much as reviewers are minding it, but reviewers generally take previous games and stack them up against the newer one.

DefenderOfDoom21557d ago

And there is BRAD MARCHAND from the BOSTON BRUINS trying to sing in the NHL 15 promo.

Sayburr1557d ago

I have to admit, I have not played an NHL game in a very long time. Thus, I don't miss the "missing features". I downloaded the demo and got to play one period before I had to stop and the game just felt "off" to me. I need to get back to it and play a full game at least, but I didn't really enjoy the period I played. The gameplay felt stiff instead of fluid, as hockey should be.