Did Batman v Superman Take Inspiration from Arkham Knight?

New leaked images from the set of Warner Bros. upcoming superhero film have some strong similarities to a certain superhero video game.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi1532d ago


That batmobile is something epic though. It has the same attitude and even more practicality than the tumbler but has traditional Batmobile design sensibilities. It's the best so far in my opinion.

ShinMaster1532d ago

That's what I thought as well.

-Foxtrot1532d ago

God I hope they don't make Bruce Wayne in the game look like Affleck.

delicia1532d ago

The author questions if the movie took inspiration from the game, not the other way around. Bruce Wayne is going to look the same as he did on Arkham City.

-Foxtrot1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Yeah but I'm thinking about IF it was the other way around. I mean the Batmobile in Superman vs Batman looks like the one in Arkham Knight, take a look.

"Bruce Wayne is going to look the same as he did on Arkham City"

Which is why if they did, I'd be a little ticked off, no point changing him

wannabe gamer1532d ago

i hope you are right cause look at what they have done to harley quinn in arkham knight so far. compare it to the harley from all the other arkham games and it looks nothing like her. the chin is way bigger and its not even a slight difference but a very noticeable one.

EdoubleD1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

What's wrong with looking like Affleck? Besides I'm guessing he doesn't look like him anyway.

KwietStorm1532d ago

Besides Affleck being Affleck, it would sour the game itself. Part of the reason the Arkham franchise has been so good, is because they didn't just take the license and base it on one of the movies or something like that, and then make a lazy game. It's Batman, yes, but it has it's own identity, and if Bruce Wayne were Ben Affleck in the game, it would be a cheap move.

CrimsonDragon901532d ago

I usually disagree with you, but your right I don't want them to model Rocksteadys Batman after Affleck. I don't know what people see in him, he sucked as DareDevil.

uncharted561532d ago

First of all if u think he sucked in the movie then I think royally ur an idiot like all the ppl who love to hate on him just cuz he was in daredevil. Get over it. The movie sucked but most of the actors portrayed their character well.

LarVanian1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Ben Affleck looks more like Bruce Wayne than any actor who has portrayed him so far. I wouldn't complain if Wayne looked like him in Arkham Knight.

@ Crimson
Daredevil came out in 2003. This is 2014 now, would you think it fair if people judged you for something you did over a decade ago? Eleven years before Heath Ledger played the Joker he played a skinny little high school kid in an Australian soap-opera and look how that turned out. Besides the Daredevil Directors Cut was a pretty good movie!

CrimsonDragon901532d ago

I'm sorry but I gotta disagree, Affleck looks nothing like Bruce Wayne or fits the role imo. But the difference between Heath and Affleck is that Heath had never portrayed a Comic Book character so we didn't know what to expect of him. But Affleck had already portrayed a comic book character and failed.

-Foxtrot1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Looks are nothing, it's all about if he can play the part

Affleck, out of all his films, dosen't show that he could pull it off.

They should of went with Josh Brolin like Zack Snyder wanted

LarVanian1532d ago


Affleck looks nothing like Wayne? Really?
Square jaw, strong chin, stocky and imposing build and short neat hair. Affleck by all means looks an awful like Wayne from the comics as well as the animated series.
Also you are still judgin Affleck on an 11 year old film. Do you honestly not think he would have improved since then? And once again the directors cut of Daredevil was really good and gave Affleck more screentime as Matt Murdock but I'll guess you'll just continue to reference to heavily cut theatrical version.


You did not mention anything about Affleck's acting in your original post. You complained about the possibility of Arkham Knight Bruce Wayne looking like Affleck which is why I said it wouldn't complain if they looked similar.

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Ko_Uraki1532d ago

I want Superman in the game

EdoubleD1532d ago

Some easter eggs would be awesome

BlackWolf121532d ago

Uhhh no.

A major blockbuster movie (possibly one of the most anticipated) did not take inspiration from a video game.

mcarsehat1532d ago


Like the Batmobile in Arkham Kinght, the new BVS Batmobile took inspiration from The Tumbler. No other Batmobile was built like a tank, they just added more batty themes to them.

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