Why Every Game You’re Excited For Could Suck

"That summer drought was not playing around, was it? Things were so dire, you were probably excited about The Sims 4 — before, you know, you played it." |

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extermin8or1533d ago

Nope because games im excited for atm are known entities to me: so Assassins creed unity-it's Assassins Creed you kinda know what your getting at this point, Dragon age-it only has to be better than 2 to meet my expectations and tbh they'd be hard presed to make it worse, bloodborne-similar to demons souls but with faster combat thus can be confident it'l meet expectations and be fun, arkham knight-it's rocksteady and it's batman.... uncharted 4-it's naughty dog; enough said. SW:Battlefront and Witcher 3 are my biggest risks for not meeting my expectations atm but I suspect Witcher 3 is safe. Here's the key-my hype levels are tempered for all these titles so it's unlikely they'll not meet my expectations. Oh and mgs5 but as ground zeroes was indicative of a game that meets what i'm expecting I'm not too worried there either. Destiny I had doubts about right back when it was first shown off anf I was right unfortunately.

Eddie201011532d ago

Destiny does not suck, it is a great game that has some similarities to halo and guess what, because it was developed by the creator of halo.

Here's another thing, I enjoy destiny much more than I did Halo, It is a really big improvement to Halo and aside from some game mechanics feels like it's own game.

There is a lot of games that have Halo game mechanics, there were a lot of shooters before Halo that were borrowed from when making Halo. All games these days have similarity's to other games.

All these BS arguments are silly. Destiny is a great game and well worth playing and enjoying.

extermin8or1532d ago

Well great for you thus far I'm finding it a jack of all trades and master of none bar the shooting mechanics they are very fun. However I can't help but feel that the story could've had sooo much more depth and that it's deliberately been held off for dlc. Thatched missions could have had more variety, that public random events need to happen WAY more often to mix it up abit when exploring. That specs of guns should all me of the same Base so as to compare all guns to one another atm they aren't too much use. The game lobby's are consistently empty something that needs fixing ASAP and I'm a server issue. Oh and beacon missions need way more variety.

qwerty6761532d ago

idk how many games have to be released where people finally realize that if a game is hyped its usually to good to be true.

joab7771532d ago

This article is insane. No way Destiny, Dragon Age, The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne suck. NO WAY!!!

And I love Destiny...but I also love the loot grind mixed w amazing fps gameplay.

Gatsu1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Not every game could suck.
Actually there are some games you just know are going to be epic. Games like Uncharted 4, MGSV:TPP, Bloodborne and Witcher 3, they are from developers that I know make amazing games.
They never let me down so I can trust them, for example Kojima has always done amazing games since MGS1...which is why I'm such a huge fan lol.

nippletwister1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Destiny is going to be a generic FPS MMO that is more underwhelming and with less gameplay mechanic than PC equivalents due to the input limitations of the console controllers,
so it's gonna suck only for those who have experience in the FPS genre, but it's gonna be fun for newbies in the genre and in gaming. For the console community in general it's gonna be good.

Wasteland 2 is what Fallout 3 should have been had it stayed true to the first games, it won't suck at all. Stating that being oriented at a specific fanbase or a niche makes something suck makes the person who makes the statement look like they suck milk out of rods for a living.

Don't have an opinion on Hyrule Warriors.

Also don't have an opinion on Forza Horizon 2, to be honest i'm more of a Need For Speed guy, the Most Wanted days. But for what the game is, i don't think it will suck.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor:
"LOTR fans have not been treated kindly"
The RTS games and the "The Two Towers" and "The Return of the King" action/hack&slash, were awesome games and i'd eat a bag of cow turd to get another such series as the hack&slash games.
They were pretty much the ancestors of Dark Souls. The author of this article is a maggot.

Super Smash Bros 3DS:
"They suck because muh N64"
Author with nostalgia googles is a maggot, and this is coming from someone who still today plays on his old SNES and plays TIE Fighter and has the original CDs from a lot of games from the early 90'.

Alien: Isolation
No opinion on this yet. I'm gonna need more info on it.
One thing is for sure though, CA better do this game right as far as polish goes, because not only are they haunted by the unfinished and buggy Rome 2, but also SEGA's (and Gearbox's) previous failed attempt at Aliens. [Gearbox, pigshit be upon you and premature death if you attempt your own brand of sacrilege upon the Homeworld game series without full oversight of the original Homeworld staff including total direction by Blackbird Interactive who houses a lot of the original team).

NBA2K15, Driveclub: no opinion

The Evil Within: Will be good.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
I don't really like Gerabox and i'm thus biased against Borderlands games, but i also got bored by them fast so, no opinion.

Fantasia: Music Evolved
No opinion

Civilization: Beyond Earth

Bayonetta 2: I think it's gonna be good. Apparently it sucks for the author because he is such a depressed robot in real life that imagination is something not only non-existent in his life, but dumb (because of it).

Sunset Overdrive: Gonna be good.

Assassin’s Creed: I'm in "meh" mode about Ass Creed games. Some mechanics removed, some (maybe) added. It all rests on how battshit retarded (or not) the writing will be, and how much copy pasta we have already seen plenty of times it is going to be.

The Crew: No opinions, not a fan of MMOs.

Dragon Age: Inquisition
I remember DA2, and i remember that i won't financially support EA and EAware out of principle even if they manage to make a "good" game. "Good" game translates to "it's a trap" in EA speak.

Far Cry 4: No opinion yet, i'm yet to play FC3.