What Microsoft buying Mojang means for Playstation, Nintendo, PC and mobile fans

GGG writes about what the potential sale of Mojang to Microsoft could mean for other console, PC and mobile players.

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98xpresent1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Nothing for Nintendo

mrbojingles1554d ago

That would be the point. There was already little chance of Minecraft on 3DS/Wii U or future Nintendo systems but after this sale its literally impossible.

mikeslemonade1554d ago

As a new X1 owner, I'm happy for Microsoft to buy out developers. This is better for gamers. Developers can focus on making one better version of the game.

starchild1554d ago

Nah, I don't like when Sony or Microsoft buy established developers. They should simply build new studios from the ground up. That way they are actually creating something new and adding to gaming, not merely buying something to keep it away from competing platforms, whether a game or an entire studio.

Saigon1554d ago

Yeah, but is a gaming company really worth that much money. Are they expected to see a return in their investment. Think it was just for too much...

sinspirit1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )


1. It's worse for gamers, because it's one of the most iconic multiplatform games in the past decade, everyone knows about it and most gamers have played it. Now many people won't get to play it.

2. Mojang doesn't even focus on the other platforms; they pay other studios to port it so it's not like they are actually focusing on more versions themselves.

3. Why would you be happy for Microsoft to buy out developers? Do you know the state of Microsoft's first party developers? The new Halo trilogy is utter nonsense and forced sequels with generic plot behind it all for the sake of pushing out more Halo products. Fable has been ruined and now there is a spin off that has nothing to do with a Fable game other than where it takes place. Forza is making almost no strides whatsoever in sequels other than looking at your car and adding a few more. Their policies and history show bleak futures for all of their current XBox projects unless they actually revised their previous attitude and put real gamers and passionate developers in charge.


Exactly. 100% well said. We need new games. Not exclusive contracts and exploiting sell outs just to keep something away from competitors. New Tomb Raider is exclusive? Okay? How many times has Microsoft bragged about Hollywood writers and Steven Spielberg but they neglect to actually make an original AAA project with any story-line? We've been getting rehashed projects and sequels made because someone wanted money rather than someone came up with an idea for the next game.

Concertoine1554d ago


Considering the sales of Minecraft across all its platforms and the sheer amount of minecraft merch sold every day... there's no question they'll be making money.

redwin1554d ago

@sinspirit, I guess you don't have a Xbox. Interesting , people get angry because MS buys things and you see the Xbox owners happy. I can see you where happy when squarenix was just making game for the PS....... MS loves their gamers, the prove is with the anger with whom is not a Xbox owner. From where I'm standing there is nothing but love. Xboxlive is the best network around.

redwin1554d ago

But of course , I didn't think that what I was going to write would be taking lightly. But i am here with my Xbox and I'm very happy with it. It's just the way it is, thank you MS.

ShinMaster1554d ago

@ starchild

The difference with Sony is that when a developer pitches a game to Sony, they like it, help fund it and if it succeeds they become one of Sony's studios.

When Microsoft buys a developer, such as Rare, they destroy them along with the franchises.

sinspirit1554d ago


Ohh.. Okay.. I get it now...

So.. Microsoft LOVES gamers and especially their XBox gamers that they would spend $2billion or more on one small studio rather than on multiple new studios to give a couple AAA titles. I can feel the love.

I hope that Microsoft also buys Square Enix, Rockstar, and Blizzard/Activision. I didn't know money bought love.. But, now that you have assured me that acquiring studios that would have released games on their console anyways would be better than spending that money on whole new games and studios altogether I just don't know what I was thinking!

Now I realize that simply being owned by Microsoft simply makes everything better and is oodles of love.

That's just too much sarcasm.

Seriously. It's like the only child with rich parents with no time for him/her situation. Microsoft is the rich parent. You think they love you just because they preoccupy you with PR stunts and spending a lot of money just to make you forget about their last promises and take their word on new ones?

Microsoft buys studios to make you, as a metaphor, shut up for a little while.

The new Tomb Raider was going to be on both consoles. What's the difference between being X1 exclusive or not? No PS4 version? That's a bonus for you? And you're a gamer? It's not a bragging rights game. It's about which console brings more onto the table to try and attract all. Instead, you and MS think it's about taking things off the table for competitors.

Do you think XBox doesn't have a budget? Despite how much they waste they do. It's not like they can afford to keep buying exclusivity and established studios. Their division has to make their own profits. Buying exclusivity for a multiplatform game is millions that could be spent on a new title and studio of their own, and they would still get that multiplatform game. They could get two games. Instead you get one. They don't love you, or even like you. They clearly don't respect gaming with their antics and PR bullcrap.

voodoochild3461554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )


You know what? I like you. Finally someone understands why people like myself have strong disdain for Microsoft. They're a cancerous mass on gaming and started a good number of the bs policies we have to put up with now. Paying to use your own internet is a good example.

MazzingerZ1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Don't care, don't play that game and will never do, a Metroid from RETRO studios sells the Wii U to me, just the amount of quality 1st party games from SONY is reason enough to get the PS4, many all-time favourites games of mine in that bunch...not even taking into account new franchises being introduced this gen

The Minecraft deal would mean for X1 that more kids will get the console, more HW, XBLG and DLC cash for MSFT and less AAA exclusives for the rest of the gamers, X360 last 3 years all over again but at an early phase...don't see the positive for current X1 owners

dreamed1553d ago

@sinspirt i fully agree,and i'm an x1 owner..its a real shit move by ms,and like you said it should be about what you bring not what you stop!.

game industry is so lost imo,and has been for years.

Saigon1553d ago


I sort of disagree. If this was Naughty Dog or ID software or Valve, etc; I could then understand the price of the purchase. Mainly because those companies would give back what was invested. There is no guarantee that Mojang will make back the money invested. All we know they may be a one hit wonder. Though I say that, MS had to do its due diligence and research future opportunity with the company. With that said, they must have saw something that may get them close to making back their investment.

WishMeWell2591553d ago

Its a bold move but it has a lot of risks.
Minecraft is HUGE its probably the most popular game out there. But thats it, its already out there. PS3, PS4 already have it. By law they have to support them with patches and updates. What they can do now is constrict the mods which is bad for us. And What they WILL do is next year theres going to be Minecraft 2. heard it here first. Which will be PC and xbox exclusive. It will make money but not as much because it would be the same. Theyll make back most of their money hopefully. but at the end i can see Mojang crash in 7 years tops. only good game they have is minecraft and mircosoft will make minecraft game after minecraft game, until it kills the whole thing all together

jden281553d ago

@sinspirit & ShinMaster
Actually to bring up Tomb Raider was a mistake...When Tomb Raider first came to market and it was supposed to be a Sega Saturn exclusive, Sony was still new but had been out selling the Saturn. When it was time for Tomb Raider 2 Sony secured complete exclusivity for their platform to keep it off Sega's platform. Sony did similar things with the Final Fantasy brand during the original Xbox years. They made similar deals with EA during the Dreamcast years.

And as far as studios becoming part of Sony after pitching a game...That is exactly why Insomniac is making an exclusive game for the Xbox One the get to keep their IP and their independence.

MY point is stop pointing fingers at just Microsoft as if they've done something horrible different than Sony or Nintendo...They haven't....they just have more money to play the game that the other two have been doing for much longer.

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FanboyKilla1554d ago

Lol why you mad? Not your console of choice? Lmfao at n4g and sony fanboys. You dont have one positive xone or ms article up. You must be feeding your fanbase. Lol so since there are no sony stories worth talking about, bashing ms and xone will have to do ha? Sad, you dont have anything better to talk about, other than the console you hate. Lmfao gettem ms.

Willio1554d ago

They made one game.... at least RARE co. made a few games before it was bought out.

If music artists can be one hit wonders, so can all types of art including video games.

Good job MS laying off 18000 people to buyout 1 company of less than 10-100 developers for an insane amount of money.

tman73021553d ago


1. Subjective. I grew up in a generation where exclusives were the norm and you had to buy all consoles. The last generation of consoles, gamers were spoiled plain and simple.

2. Good point. It's sadly becomes the norm. Gearbox anyone?

3. Very opinionated and bold statement you make. It only demonstrates your hate and bias opinion for a platform like a fanboy instead of supporting them and voicing a constructive opinion like a gamer. If you want new games, xbox does have a website that voices your demand for new games and other ideas. I suggest you use that.

BLuTheSecond1553d ago

Nintendo doesn't need anything. According to their fanbase, Nintendo is god and only Nintendo games matter.

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jackanderson19851554d ago

not a damn thing really since Mojang don't own the IP, Notch has a seperate company that owns it

gootimes1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Plus Markus Persson is said to be leaving Mojang after the acquisition. Kind of a strange purchase from Microsoft...

Lord_Sloth1554d ago

Indeed since Minecraft has already been played by everybody and their brother's dog and there's no guarantee their next game will be half as good. Especially without Notch.

ThinkThink1554d ago

Probably thinking about minecraft 2. The toy rights alone are a gold mine.

Magicite1554d ago

MS loves to throw money down the drain (bing, surface, xbox, nokia and now mojang)

user55757081554d ago


then this sounds like its going to be rareware all over again

here come the garbage kinect titles...

ThatOneGuyThere1554d ago

If i understand correctly, Notch hasnt written anything for minecraft in over 3 years. he's been spending his time trying to make another hit, and failing. I think he's at the point now where he knows he either sells it for a TON of money, or fizzles out over time. I think he just wants the payout now.

Deividas1554d ago


Yea I think so too, hes def just a one hit wonder with Minecraft. Hell of a wonder but still...

LookAtYou1553d ago

I think this might be the biggest "i make it rain on dem hoes" in history, not just in gaming. Billions of dollars for what exactly?

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mrbojingles1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Does Notch really own Minecraft?

Mojang AB owns the Minecraft trademark and Notch owns Mojang, so in turn wouldn't MS own Minecraft then if they bought Mojang since the company owns the trademark, etc?

jackanderson19851554d ago

don't know the name of the company but last paragraph lays out the fee paid to licence minecraft which is owned by a separate company

mrbojingles1554d ago

There has to be some sort of mix up here. Why would MS pay $2 billion for a studio if Notch will own the IP? Mojang owns the trademark anyway so Notch can't do anything with the IP without the trademark. I'm pretty sure Mojang would give Microsoft rights to the IP, this makes no sense without that. Also, Notch could just be receiving royalties from being the original creator of the IP.

jackanderson19851554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

other reports are saying the 2bn includes the Minecraft IP... the other company is literally just a shell (most likely tax purposes ha) that owns the IP and in which Notch is paid.

if the deal doesn't include the IP i'd be shocked to be honest

also found the name, Notch Development AB, own the trademark so that must be the seperate company

Rik_Mayall1554d ago

Notch Enterprises owns the IP to Minecraft and owns Mojang.

It's not hard to grasp really.

jwillj2k41553d ago

If that's the case then what did Microsoft buy?? They can't make a Minecraft 2 and call it 'Minecraft 2' since they wont own the IP after the acquisition. Can someone help clarify because this sounds asinine.

NeoGamer2321554d ago

Yeah, MS would buy Mojang for $2 bln for 40 devts and not include the IP that the company is known for...

You may think MS is absolutely dumb, but no one would be that dumb.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Nothing well nothing at least regarding Nintendo but it could be for plastation since ps vita and ps4 version of minecraft got delayed
but then again it could be nothing entirely

Gore-Content1554d ago

It means bad news, what else?! But $$$ for MS.

Baka-akaB1554d ago

When you think that for even less, MS could have purchased Twitch or the Occulus... (wich i'm grateful they didnt mind you)

nunley331554d ago

For far less capcom and atlus could be bought and that would be far better, but hey it's ms and i'm glad they aren't buying them,that would make too much sence so of course they wouldn't be doing that.

Baka-akaB1553d ago

There is no way Capcom would cost less