Call of Duty: Vietnam Had 'Play Style of Uncharted'

Sledgehammer Games’ unreleased, third-person Call of Duty game was internally titled Fog of War, the developer told IGN.

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CerealKiller1558d ago

They should do third-person single player with FPS multiplayer.

Syntax-Error1558d ago

I mentioned this a year ago. making a 3rd person COD or Halo game would be amazing. You have a chance to make an epic story driven game. I always felt that you lose the badass feel in 1st person shooters because you make all the epic moments happen. When you see an action clip and it goes back to 1st person view, you lose some connection to the character. When you see Drake or Lara Croft outrun bullets and jump from heights to hang on a ledge through a cutscene, when you take back control of the character you want to continue making them look spectacular. Hard to describe.

getrektedmate1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

They should of made this instead of the futuristic crap

700p1558d ago

ya i personally think cod went to crap when they went futuristic.

WeAreLegion1558d ago

Please try again! The campaigns of COD, COD2, MW, and MW2 were incredible. I need another good campaign.

Chard1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Respect for having the exact same taste in COD games as me! Let's hope Respawn do a single player game soon.

WeAreLegion1558d ago

Yes! I was hoping for one in Titanfall. :/

Gamer4life8881558d ago

that sounds really awesome

Agent_hitman1558d ago

That reminds me of Black Ops 1 Vietnam level, the most amazing and breath taking part of the game..

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The story is too old to be commented.