Watch Dogs Coming To Wii U On November 20

Officially announced by Ubisoft, Watch Dogs will finally hit the Wii U on November 18th.


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Neonridr1555d ago

hooray.. I hope you guys did a little extra tweaking on the Wii U version and the gamepad better be used is some unique ways. Either way I still think this game will tank on the Wii U. Had it launched with the others, it stood a chance. But too many Wii U owners picked this game up on other consoles (myself included).

And Ubisoft will blame us for not supporting it.

DryBoneKoopa851555d ago

I held out for the Wii U version to have the more definitive edition.

Watch Dogs was also met with Luke warm reception between critic's and Gamers. I won't be surprised to hear Ubisoft report bad news about Watch Dogs sales on the Wii U. Much like Rayman, Ubisoft just has their selves to blame.

porkChop1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

The gamepad will probably be used for the hacking mini-games, Smartphone menu/UI, and selecting weapons/items. I think that would be good though, if I was a developer I would use the gamepad to take as much of the UI off the main screen as possible so that the player can enjoy the visuals and get more immersed in the game world.

Honestly though, if you're a Wii U owner waiting for Watch Dogs just save your money and get something else. It didn't live up to its potential AT ALL. It ended up just being a GTA wannabe with some new mechanics. The hacking was cool but it got very repetitive and very boring by the middle of the game. So basically, it's just another Ubisoft game. Exact same formula, exact same overall structure, exact same problems. And the multiplayer is absolutely atrocious. Seriously, it's that poorly done.

yewles11555d ago

"The gamepad will probably be used for the hacking mini-games, Smartphone menu/UI, and selecting weapons/items."

Apparently it's only being used for map and off-TV play...

R00bot1555d ago

I'll be using the off-tv play a lot, since you don't want to play a game like this with the family around hehe.

Chrischi19881554d ago

Well... if they dont put in the Smartphone stuff and camera view... then I wont be getting it. Why should I buy it, if it comes late, looks worse and takes no advantage of what could make it the definit version... and probably it will cost full retail price and afterwards Ubi will complain it didnt sell... And the first delay makes no sense, at least not, if they say because of Mario Kart, because why is it better to release it then during the time of Smash Bros release? Not really a better timeframe, if you ask me.

Magicite1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

SSB hype will kill this and Ubi will have excuse to never again release big AAA games on WiiU.

starchild1555d ago

This is good for the Wii U owners. Despite it being popular to hate on Watch Dogs I felt it was a great game. I'm never swayed by hype--negative or positive--so I don't let that affect my perception of a game.

Not everyone will love it, but I wouldn't listen to those who make it sound like it is a terrible game. It is FAR from a terrible game. It has an 80 on metacritic (and that's after the effect of all the incredible hype) with 64 positive reviews, 16 mixed reviews, and 0 negative reviews.

Use your own judgement. Watch gameplay videos and make up your own mind whether you think it is something you will enjoy. You could very well enjoy it quite a lot, like I did.

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Metallox1555d ago

November 18 in North America.

I hope it doesn't cost 60 dollars in launch.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1555d ago

will be delayed when Smash Bros. Wii U has a November release date.

Chrischi19881555d ago

True. The delay because of Mario Kart makes no sense, if they release it during the release of Smash Bros. This way it will be even worse. I want Watch Dogs and held our for it, but if it offers nothing special on the Wii U, like good gamepad integration, then I see no reason paying full price, when I can play it on PC for around $15 by then.

BlindMango1555d ago

I like how the title says the 20th but the description says the 18th, lol

paul-p19881555d ago

I thought I was the only one that noticed lol, how the hell did this get approved with poor editing like that?!

aarondejohnson1555d ago

Releasing right by smash bros, nice one ubisoft.

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