SCEE: We're Dedicated To Our First Party Studios, No Problems Here

Following a rumor this morning that Heavenly Sword 2 had gotten the ax, possibly priming developer Ninja Theory for a break away from Sony Europe, Kotaku checked in with SCEE to see if the studio could be undergoing a change of strategy - or whether it might be facing some issues. After all, if what our inside source said about HS 2 is true, then it'd be the third project to get the kibosh recently, after Eight Days and Getaway 3.

"I think it is fair to say that we do not comment on rumour and speculation, especially about games that have never been announced," said SCEE corporate PR manager Nick Caplin.

Caplin did tell us, though, some detail behind why Eight Days and Getaway 3 were scrapped, and why we oughtn't worry about SCEE:

"Regarding 8 Days and The Getaway, we review the progress and viability of games on a regular basis taking into account feedback from within WWS [worldwide studios] and all the RHQs [regional headquarters], and at our latest review, felt that the budget and resources required to complete these games could be more beneficial elsewhere."

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Silogon3832d ago

I love how the refer back to the same ol' crap here. Motorstorm 2, Little Big planet, Home, Killzone 2. What is this the twilight Zone? We know about these games, Jack asses!!! What about beyond these cookie cutters?

I don't like Motorstorm 1 anyways. I hate it as a matter of fact, it's junk bunk. Killzone 1 was ass and 2 looks about on par with it and little big planet looks shallow in it that you do the same thing over and over. It'll get stale, really fast. Echochrome anyone?

I love how anytime you talk about Sony's plans they say "We've got an incredible line up of surprise games this year and next" then they list the following

Little big planet
Resistance 2
Killzone 2
Motorstorm 2

I can't wait until all of those piles of **** are out so they can say something different for once. "also notice how there is a 2 behind everything up there, real original Sony. Like your console name"

I bet when all of those games are released, well everything expect home we know that's a lie, but I bet when they are released Sony will say this in when faced with the question what's next for Sony.

"We have a lot of neat stuff on the way. Buzz super mega edition. Singstar plus max and of course home is coming but in the meantime we have great games like Motorstorm 2, Resistance 2, Little big planet and Killzone2 to keep you busy while you wait"

I'm not buying Little Big planet on principal now. I am so sick of seeing it and hearing about it it's not even funny.

Vojkan3832d ago

Now you are showing your old POG face, haha! What happened with "I am Sony fanboy?!" Hahaha everyone saw true you!

juuken3832d ago

...Okay, here's what you do.
Ready? Have your notebook and pencil?
Here goes....


PSWe603832d ago

Or Jason 3rd60?
I forget, which PUTO Bot are you?

Since all of this good news is coming for the PS3 and there aren't any for the 3rd60 you just got bored and created another account right? shameful. But one idiot bot is better than none.

Shadow Flare3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

PS3 HAS games silogon you retard. Xbox 360 has Gears of Bollocks 2 - The same graphics as Gears of Bollocks 1 Edition. What else does 360 have, Banjo 3? WTF is that? Uh what else, Fable 2 and Forza 3, or in other words, the poor man's version of the PlayStation equivalents. And 360 has absolute shat for 2009 while PS3 still has a heap of AAA titles coming. So you're in no place to talk cos 360 blew its load in 2007. The same year ps3 still outsold it worldwide. What a twat

Mr Fancy Pants3832d ago

This is one thing i hate about this site. The moment you try to make a point and express your discontent with Sony you loose all your bubbles...

If you weren't a fanboy you could see that what Siligon is saying actually make sense. I was thinking that i were a rabid fanboy of Sony but the users of this site are ridiculous.

I don't entirely agree with his opinion but i respect it.
Now i think i am going to loose another bubble, right?

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Whoooop3832d ago (Edited 3832d ago )

PS3 first party titles are more than enough for me.


Vojkan3832d ago

I "love" Kotaku! This was scenario:"Lets invent rumor about HS2( which got denyed by NT and made them look like baboons) and then call Sony to ask them about that same rumor, maybe they throw us a bone!"
How pathetic!

dude_uk3832d ago


awesome comment

deeznuts3832d ago

Actually, Kotaku (if you read the various articles) said it was Sony Cambridge that was working on HS2.

Drekken3832d ago

a non-confirmed game got canceled?? ooonoezz

juuken3832d ago

I have an account there. The things they say there...*shudders*
They even think MS will buy out Tecmo, should Itagaki and his band of merry men win the lawsuit.

Sony had a reason and a right to cancel the games, if they felt it was the right thing to do. We still have other big name games coming soon.

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Shadow Flare3832d ago

aahh...i can't stand SCEE. Just replace David Reeves and sort SCEE out so our psn store, and all the games we get in Europe are of the same standard and time frame as the US. David Reeves needs to be welded into a pipe and forgotten about...

Sorry i know this article is talking about SCEE doing something right for a change. They just do alot of things wrong that hack me off. And to think, Europe is the largest gaming territory in the world and Sony's most loyal.

thehitman3832d ago

"I think it is fair to say that we do not comment on rumor and speculation, ESPECIALLY ABOUT GAMES THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN ANNOUNCED,"

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