E3 2008: Sony press conference confirmed for The Shrine

VG247: SCEA has just confirmed that its E3 press conference this year will take place at The Shrine Auditorium in LA on W. Jefferson Blvd, a change from the normal venue of the company's Culver City studios.

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alster233831d ago

wonder what sony's secret game theyll show at e3? the one thats said to crush the competition

Nitrowolf23831d ago

i to wonder
im hoping that its not another FPS game
i mean there good and all but i want something new
got MGS4 and im addicted to it as hell.
what ever it is it better impress big time

NO_PUDding3831d ago

Is this place bigger opr smaller than where they susually were. An auditorium SOUNDS a lot better and bigger.

I can't wait to see what they announce (TEAM ICO!?)

juuken3831d ago

I'm very interested too.

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Silogon3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Sony has a conference to piece together all their casual crap ass mini games. We have to make sure we talk about that junk and introduce a knock of wiimote for our 600 dollar over priced Casual console!

What a great new direction you're going in Sony. Really. Stupid morons. They don't understand that the Ps3 will never be a casual console. It's 400, 500 and 600 bucks for Christ sakes!

Have the woke up stupid this generation?


disagrees? how the hell can you buy a Ps3 and long for them to turn it into a knock off wii? You've spent 400 to 600 bucks on this thing and you mean to tell me that is what you're after? You're killing gaming. Nuff said.

Scott_Steinberg3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Silogon=Gamesblow What are the other companies doing that Sony is not?

NO_PUDding3831d ago

PlayStation ahs strang brand recognition. Assumign just ebcuase it costs lots now,d eosn't mean no one willg et it.

Everyone I know now wants a PS3, it's just too expensive, and it won't stay that way.

PS3 is very much gogin to amke it to the mainstream, it's an entertainm,ent system.

Drekken3831d ago

No_Pudding, change your name to NO_SPELLCHECK.

SILOGON, MS is doing it too, so why should Sony be the only one without it. Sony already has motion sensing... so this isnt far off. Quit hating. You are the most bipolar poster. One day you love them, the next you hate them. Snap out of it and enjoy the games. Noone is forcing you to buy the controller

Xiru3831d ago (Edited 3831d ago )

Silogon is definatley just trying to get attention. Who would ever look at the PS3 as a casual machine? Where are you seeing them changing stance and going casual? Did you dream it up? They are NOT going to turn it into a Wii. Trust me on that.

*Is this all based on the break apart controller? Who cares about that? I will stick with my DS3. The break apart is Sony testing the waters, not going full fledged casual.

Shadow Flare3831d ago

Silogon, while you raised a few points i myself raised in another article, what you are forgeting is that Xbox 360 doesn't have Metal Gear Solid 4. Now shut up you fÜcking ape

pwnsause3831d ago

gamesblow, tell me, what happened to you, did you get banned from your PSN?

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patlike3831d ago

They confirmed it about half an hour ago.

TheExecutive3831d ago

love e3. all kinds of cool things happen.

juuken3831d ago

I sense a showdown!
Sony, show those games!

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