Samurai Warriors 4 Will Run at 1080p On PS4 With Variable Frame Rates

Tecmo Koei's Akihiro Suzuki also reveals that they faced no major challenges in developing the PS4 version.

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Gamer19821533d ago

Not surprising considering it ran fine on older hardware.. Just hoping its not a shoddy upgrade.. They get like 10X the hardware and don't even make it twice as powerful.. Dynasty Warriors and Orochi so far have slowdowns on current gen consoles which is madness considering they only got a minor graphical upgrade and other than that are basically the same as previous generation.

NovusTerminus1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Just bad wiring on the engine, I love DW, but Koei are not the best coders around.

Army_of_Darkness1533d ago

Yeah I love dynasty warriors and all but the developer's need to seriously get a new engine or really update it cause their games look really outdated even in 1080p...

S2Killinit1533d ago

I'm in the mood for a little japanese action right about now.

spence524901533d ago

I thought the same thing. Haven't played a samurai warriors game since the original. Seems like a good time to make a return to the series.

ScorpiusX1533d ago

Variable framer ates what happened to the whole 1080 60 is essential and a must this Gen . Yet another example of double standard cause no one seem to be making a stink about it.
Wonder why , could it because it's sony.

Psygnosis3331533d ago

chill,,go play your box :D stop with this stupid comments

TheWatercooler1533d ago

Again. The whole debate is about the disparity on the same game that exists between both platforms. That is when it is an issue.

Xbox fanboys just don't seem to be able to grasp that concept.

d3nworth11533d ago

Its not a double standard. Sony used the whole 1080p 60fps as a marketing tool. In reality most people especially console gamers don't care. Plus its Dynasty Warriors. Its doesnt require twitch reactions. The enemies just stand there and let you hit them.

tlougotg1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

You guys dont get tired of this cliche bs you harp on about every single day? Reminds me of all the ppl that say "well this is vga now and they arent reliable" in every %ucking article like damn we all know that stfu lol

For your information most game in general even on pc dont hold theit steady framerate all the time! Things always happen on screen that cause frames to dip at times.

Blame the devs not Sony!

Spotie1532d ago

The argument is nowhere near as simple as that, and you know it. Everyone knows it.

There were always other factors at play, like graphical effects, objects on screen, etc. When Ryse got hammered, that was because it had relatively little going on and still dropped in frames, sometimes into the teens; Dead Rising was criticized for not being able to maintain 30fps, not because out wasn't running at 60.

Outside of that- neither of which was revealed before the games released- the debate had been on multiplats, where the PS4 version might have a higher framerate.

Don't know why I'm bothering. You and everybody who makes such comments know better. You just don't give a damn, and there's no longer such a thing as stealth trolling around here, so there's no way to stop you.

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turdburgler10801533d ago

Looks like sony is backing off the stupid 1080p 60fps bull horn. Thank god. Welcome to reality.

Palitera1533d ago

I care more for 60 fps than 1080p. I'm pretty satisfied with what the PS4 has brought this far.

That said, above both fps and resolution I put game mechanics and features. Soon current gen games will get heavier and devs will again struggle to keep 30 fps.

I hope at least this standard they reach this time.

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