Sony confirms new games for E3 - picture proof included

SCEA just sent out more information on its E3 showing next month, confirming new titles for the LA event.

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Vojkan3805d ago

So two Buzz games are this "new" titles?
"As you can see from the image after the link, two Buzz! games are now on the firm’s list, namely Buzz! Master Quiz and Buzz! Quiz TV."

I hope there is more than Buzz. This is PS3 not Wii

Lifendz3805d ago

This is Sony. This is not some company with only one major IP to move hardware or the type of company that has only aesthetic to their games and only releases a major IP 3-4x a year. This is Sony. The company that has run console gaming since it first came on the scene. Rest assured, there'll be plenty of news at E3 this year.

barom3805d ago

At this point I wouldn't care so much about new titles. What I do care about, is more info on already confirmed titles. Like Team ICO game(s), God Of War 3, Heavy Rain, Wardevil, inFamous etc.

Coffin873804d ago

yeah i would also like to have the new team ico game titled, with a nice 3 minute EPIC trailer. that would be awesome.

or some more info on "linger in shadows", after this amazing 8 minute vid left me in awe.

and ONE, at least ONE game we haven't heard about yet, and i DON'T mean f*in BUZZ, i mean a new awesome ip with an awesome trailer that blows us away.

microsoft will do something like this for sure, because they want to WIN, and that's what i want to see from sony this year.

Silogon3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

We paid 600 dollars for a system to play 10 min casual games. Sony you are so awesome! What a joke. People think they got burned on the HD-dvd bit, well I got news for them. Nothing feels like the burn you get from owning the ps3. Lemme tell ya.

Hey, sony, if I wanted to play garbage ass casual mini games that last 10 min I'd buy the wii. You know, cause it's 200 bucks. better yet, I'd just play them on my Pc.

I am slowly starting to despise Sony.

Edit to below:

You're out of your damn mind if you think all that or even a fraction of that will show up at E-3.

I'm also sick of hearing about Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Little big planet, Motorstorm 2 and home. I can't wait till those games are out so people will shut up about them but more importantly So Sony will have to come thru with something new.

Truth is, that's all you're seeing at E3 this year. That and some junk bunk ass Wiimote knock off and some queer casual games like Buzz and singstar of course. Can't leave out those blockbusters.

Edit #2 for Maverick

You're also out of your mind if you think that all of thsoe games are showing up at E-3. Rockstar exclusive? Right, on a ps3? Get real. They're not making profit on the ps3 over the xbox 360. They have no reason to make an exclusive game for them. Wise up.

you list so many games, it's like you made this list in your sleep while you were dreaming.

Vojkan3805d ago

No you despise Sony from long time ago, you were just pretending not to(before). BTW wii is 250 not 200 usd.

On topic Sony better show else other than crappy Buzz.

SacT0wnF1n3st3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Paid 600 bucks to play 10 mins casual games? or paying hundreds of dollars to send your system for a repair.

And one last thing for you... Why don't you start using your brain and be more objective so you can have more bubbles and stop editing for post. Pathetic!

Wildarmsjecht3805d ago

Shut up. Stop talking, you have no idea what you're talking about.

juuken3805d ago


PoSTedUP3805d ago

lol @ jukken. i dont know i think hes

TheHater3805d ago

yo Retard, you telling me Sony isn't going to mention GOW3 at E3? you are out of your mind if you think they wouldn't. It already confirm to be releasing March of Next year.
Oh and lets not forget that Eat Sleep and Play (David Jaffe) new studio will be showing a new game. Maybe it a new twisted metal game.

Xiru3805d ago

Sony will win e3 again this year, what is there to worry about? You honestly think they would mention their huge surprises a month before the show? Give me a break. What could Nintendo and MS possibly have to even come close to Sony's lineup?

ATLRoAcH3805d ago

What the hell do you think E3 is for? Its to show more on games we know are coming and to unveil new games along with other new stuff. E3 is usually the show that packs all the surprises. Sony or either other company isn't going to put out a press release listing everything they're going to show/announce. This list is just what Sony is confirming that they're showing.

poos33805d ago

pricel less you just owned the sony droids quote:"You're also out of your mind if you think that all of thsoe games are showing up at E-3. Rockstar exclusive? Right, on a ps3? Get real. They're not making profit on the ps3 over the xbox 360. They have no reason to make an exclusive game for them. Wise up.

you list so many games, it's like you made this list in your sleep while you were dreaming. "

gunnerheadboy3805d ago

Siligon is like a 5 year old boy trying to sound smart so his mom will give him a kiss on the forehead. Silgion, you are one pathetic little punk.

butterfinger3805d ago

If you don't enjoy your PS3 then just sell the damn thing. I would want to encounter whiny b!tches like you online anyway. As for the Rockstar exclusive- What makes you think that Sony can't just pay for an exclusive like Kaz said they may start doing? You are a pathetic little person, and I think I might stop reading these moronic posts that you spam ever article with.

Pain3804d ago


Sil u a Moron.

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TheHater3805d ago

hopefully one of those games will be GOD of WAR 3. And the two team ICO projects

DarkBlade3805d ago

i think ICO project would be at TGS than E3.

TheHater3805d ago

yeah, that make a lot more sense. Or the can show one at E3, and the other at the Tokyo Game show.

reccodog3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

Nuff said.

TheHater3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

So I guess Socom, Resistance 2, Killzone 2, Little Big Planet, Infamous, GOW3, New Naughty Dog project (many clamming it a new J&D game), Two project from Team ICO, an unannounced title getting several game journalist up and arms, don't mean sh!t.
Yep Sony is all for the casual gamers.

PoSTedUP3805d ago

theirs some devs working on exclusive sports games too. : P

DrWan3804d ago

But the recent MLB the Show scored really high, i think former 989 studio and Sony finally cracked the sports code.

Panthers3805d ago

"SIREN: Blood Curse Episode #1 [PSN] (PS3)"

This game has interested me a lot. Is it in episodes?

BTW I just found out there were other SIRENs, are they good?


There is indeed two PS2 Siren games. The first one I have played, it was OK, but a bit to difficult (to the point it make you desist instead of estimulating you to going on), or maybe it was just me sucking on this game. But if is terror that you look, japanese terror all the way to go, the game beat me out of my socks, turned my hair white (ok, maybe I'm exagerating a little).

Anyway, the fisrt one I can say, is OK if you are up to get some PS2 games, I think you can find them cheaper. I had one that was called Forbidden Siren, but I think in the US it's called "Siren" only.