7 Days to Die Patch 9.3 Hotfix

Hey survivalist looks like The Fun Pimps are back with a quick hotfix for us. Everything looks great but to be honest the crops not taking damage if you walk on them is a bad idea. This was a sence of realism because you had to keep in mind where you planted things as well as keeping them protected. Overall everything looks great though keep up the good work Fun Pimps.

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Jacktrauma1438d ago

Wow they're pumping these things out quick!

Stevefantisy1438d ago

Yeah they kinda go in spurts sometimes its every week others its 2 or 3 weeks apart but it is good to see they are busting their butts right now.

Magnus7011438d ago

Good to see regular updates coming out

Stevefantisy1437d ago

I want to see the update where we get vehicles lol. I can only imagine how awesome that's going to be.