Does Destiny’s Reception Reflect An Overhyped Title?

Destiny has finally released after months of excessive hype which elevated the game into godlike status. Whether that’s because many former Xbox fans have moved over to PS4, Sony turning the game into basically a flagship game for the PS4, or Destiny being the first proper current-gen game is up to anyone’s opinion, but we can all agree that the hype has been enormous.
However, something very peculiar has happened. The reception for Destiny has been extremely mixed.

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qwerty6761556d ago


doesn't mean its not a solid game though.

vishmarx1556d ago

this really , its like a solid 8-9/10 fun game.
its not jesus and doesnt need to be.
overhyped ?yes
bad game? hell no

Naga1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

What reception? The author is citing a handful of user reviews from Metacritic as the basis for his argument. If that doesn't raise a red flag regarding the credibility of the opinion, I don't know what will.

But look: Destiny - like any hotly anticipated blockbuster - was probably over-hyped by those who heralded its arrival as the greatest thing since the microwave oven. It's probably not, but no reasonable person should expect that of ANY game. Going into anything with such high expectations will always lead to disappointment... and that disappointment can end up hanging over what is otherwise a genuinely enjoyable experience in many cases.

Regardless, Destiny just came out. Let's wait for credible sources to weigh in before we rush to broad conclusions about whether it has or has not lived up to its hype. Or... you know... we could just play the game ourselves and come to our own conclusions. We are gamers, after all.

Neixus1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

lol, so 9/10 means solid for you?

Reminds me of '' 10/10 It's okay -IGN''

XisThatKid1556d ago

Maybe, Maybe not. But I know when something becomes too popular the anticonformists love to express themselves. Now there isn't anything with that but the sheeple will eat it up and "Destiny Overhype" is just another buzz phrase or search and topic on forums and communities sadly.
I mean it's not a 10/10 but overhype? not really it just has a high budget this term isn't thought out by most when used imho. I def know though, when something is this exposed it's cool to hate it. let the games begin :/

Volkama1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

@Naga personally I think Destiny is even more fun than a Microwave oven. Though I must admit I haven't really pushed the limits of what a Microwave can do. I generally play it safe and put food in there.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

this game was not overhyped at all its lives up to the Hype. to Me Titanfall was overhyped and the Last COD and MW2-MW3 thats over hyped games and GTA4..

this game is great with alot of content unlike COD games

oh and Watchdogs didnt live up to the hype either

Tody_ZA1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

@Naga: Did you read the mention and quotes in the article of both Destructoid and Gamespot's reviews in progress? Guess not.

This is a discussion on Destiny, and hype. Nowhere is it being called a bad game or a terrible failure. It is also stated clearly in the article than an opinion on the game will only be made after playing it.

kneon1556d ago


I think you are underestimating how much fun you can have with a microwave oven, provided you do it outside, have a fire extinguisher handy, and don't expect to be able to use it afterwards ;)

MysticStrummer1556d ago

"The author is citing a handful of user reviews from Metacritic as the basis for his argument."

Not only that, he makes this statement…

"Review bombing occurs when there is something hatable, unethical or technically wrong in a game, like the Mass Effect 3 ending, Call of Duty Black Ops being subpar on PC or Dead Space 3 microtransactions, to name a few examples. I’m not saying this justifies review bombing, but I’m saying there is a purpose behind it when it happens."

…which is clearly untrue. The author is incredibly naive if he believes that. I don't know how many user reviews I've seen on there that were simply "0 - Worst game ever"

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TardcoreGamer1556d ago

Didn't buy it because of the hype turned me off. Been burned by over hyped games in the past.

Looks exactly like Halo. Looks like the shooting and character animations are a direct copy of Halo.

Does it innovate? If yes then what does it do that is unique to only Destiny?

What is the story line exactly? Is it interesting? Is there any emotion involved in the story?

Do the missions vary?

I'm gonna wait and see if people stay interested before I'm buying this FPS.

objdadon1556d ago

The game is nothing like destiny but you do realize bungie actually created halo right? That's why the new halo sucks! Lol! Now back to destiny!

breakpad1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

yes of course it is overhyped and not so quality game...and dont forget it is activision ..the whole thing it is just a cheap made COD game in a futuristic costume .... 6/10

averagejoe261556d ago

What you're failing to see here is...usually hyped games... I.e. watchdogs.. That get over hyped by videos, reviews. Etc and NOT GAMEPLAY... Do not compare to destiny.. Which has legit hype from millions of people who had already played it from the alpha and beta

Watchdogs- made up hype without anyone actually playing the game

Destiny - real hype from fans playing and loving the beta

annoyedgamer1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Watchdogs..I'm glad I didn't blow $60 on that game. Destiny on the other hand I would consider buying at full price.

HOLDERofFOOD1556d ago

I disagree. I mean, you're right about Watchdogs (I honestly was never interested the second I saw how clunky and dull the gameplay looked (like seriously, I still don't get how so many people bought into the marketing)), but with Destiny it's not all from gameplay either. Bungie went on and on about how this is the biggest game they've ever made. I remember at one demo there was a part where I guy was looking out at the skybox and somebody asked if you could explore all of that and the bungie guy said yes. I can't find that demo anywhere unfortunately but I remember it distinctly and that was of course false. They say it's their biggest game yet frankly, 9-10 hour campaign with no great story driven missions is pretty disappointing after boasting it as their biggest project yet. Idk, I haven't beat it yet, but it definitely is not as big a game as we were told we would get. They pulled a bit of a Peter Molyneux. Regardless it's still a decent game, it's just not this super duper game of all games game. And before I am personally attacked for disagreeing with some people, I'd like to emphasize that fact that a lot of this comment is my opinion. Not because you don't know that, but just to make sure crazy extremists don't think that I have some ridiculous reason for disagreeing other than simply being an average person with a different opinion.

PONTIAC08G8GT1556d ago

Well said!

The game is good, but that's it. 7-8 out of 10 I think is respectable for this game. It's not mind blowing, doesnt do anything that's new or different. FPS with RPG elements and co-op gameplay with a MP mode that's not that great (crucible). Halo was known for an awesome story and incredible MP. I don't think Destiny does either one amazingly. It does both good/ok. Short story, limited character level, not much gun variety, classes are too similar, not a lot of character customization, everything is locked until level 20 it seems, missions are straightforward, lots of back tracking, linear story.

annoyedgamer1556d ago

This game is Borderlands with Halo characters and mechanics. That is it. You can add in the tower section which is an MMO hub and you have Destiny. Its a great game but isn't revolutionary.

HOLDERofFOOD1556d ago

Except it lacks Borderlands incredible weapon generating engine, and has fewer variations of weapons. It also only has 3 classes. The characters are also far less interesting. However, it does have better visuals, PvP, and raids. Other than that I agree for the most part, it really isn't anything super exciting. I honestly think Borderlands had a far more compelling loot system too. Destiny isn't bad though. Just not super duper amazing.

Zefros1556d ago

This game is AWESOME. people who has " reviewd the game", i have a question: how can you guys review a game that has so much, in just a day? or 3 days? this game is HUGE, having so much fun with my friends, eaysily a 9/10 game so far. been playing for hours!

OldDude1556d ago

It reminds me of Titanfall. The real question that remains to be answered is it is selling and being played heavily in a month or two. Titanfall was a blast at first but failed to hold my interest long term. It was a great first effort by EA and it will be interesting to see how Titanfall2 plays out. Destiny has a better chance of doing well long term IMO as Activision has thrown all their weight behind it and understand successful MMO's due to Warcraft and other ventures. So far I think its very good but isn't the be all-end all personally. Its hard to live up to this kind of hype and largely depends on its support in the coming month.

And just my opinion, first day reviews on any game like this (good or bad) are a joke. It takes awhile.

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