Destiny Ghost Edition Unboxing Images

"We are currently going through every aspect of Destiny to provide you with the most accurately detailed review of this massive game, meanwhile why not feast your eyes on these amazing unboxing images from Destiny's Ghost edition."

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Frankskint1378d ago

Damn that looks pretty sweet.

amyortega1311378d ago

Pretty sweet indeed but have you seen the price. Pretty pricey!

patelsanjeed1378d ago

You would actually be surprised how many people will buy this for that price. Especially since these usually end up as collectors editions in future. I remember seeing one Asian guy who has the most limited edition video game items and they are worth millions now.

brettjones4941378d ago

True Hardcore collectors would invest. I know I would if I had the money.

henrythomas2841378d ago

I downloaded the game already but pre-ordered this a while back, glad I waited, it looks Phenominal!

MrWonderful1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

Ive not yet opened mine. I got the PS4 bundle and have been playing the game. I look at the box and debate if I should open it or hold on to it for the future resale.

lisamorgan41378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

I love your name @MrWonderful

I would hold unto it and not unbox it or at least take it out during special occasions and dinner party's. And will only allow people to touch it with white gloves on, just so they don't smudge it. That's what I would do if I were you. LOL

ginalee5541378d ago

So jealous, this looks freaking amazing. I would hold it for the resale.

EdnaJones971378d ago


I am one of those hardcore collectors, pre-ordered PS4 version of this already. I tell people all the time, its more than just games, its a lifestyle and culture. I don't think i'd ever part with most of my collectibles. Heck i still have my first PS1 IN MINT CONDITION.

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ArronNelson1378d ago

Tired of waiting on reviews, just give that box of goodies now.

alvinmiller921378d ago

Overhyped, overpriced, still no official reviews. SMH

edwardhuff6631378d ago

I actually found the solo missions more enjoyable than fire teams so far, once a few mates jumped on the game it felt more generic, run, point shoot. but the story is quite compelling better than I thought.

charliewong9801378d ago

My friend was asking me to define what sort of genre is destiny, I told him its a MMO, but i thinks it a little more than just that, does anybody know?

danniellelewis1378d ago

I would say its more of a MMORPGFPS how that for technical.

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