The Dreamcast Was The Console of My Dreams

First let me get this out in the open: my Dreamcast was chipped. I came from a poor family with no morals, you see, so I played pirated games – which is kind of ironic, considering one of my favourite Dreamcast games was about pirates.

I even had this disc – it sang an auto-tuned dance version of ‘Merry Christmas’ when you booted it up, whilst a 3D reindeer spun around the screen and snowflakes fell. It was ace.

Back then, I was really into JRPGs, and the Dreamcast had what I consider to be one of the best: Skies of Arcadia. No game since has captured the same feeling of being an explorer. Although the story never gets any better than ‘roguish band of likable pirates fight evil empire’, Skies of Arcadia is all about the execution. The beauty of Skies of Arcadia lies in its world design and sense of discovery.

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