Riccitiello: Boom Blox sales have met our expectations

Responding to May videogame sales data, Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello said that Boom Blox - the company's Wii game developed in collaboration with director Steven Spielberg - has met internal expectations.

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The gaming GOD3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

He "expected" it to sell poorly like that?

I know Boom Blox isn't exactly the most high profile game. But come on, the Wii's install base is gigantic.

Shouldn't the game have sold at least a little better?

Wildarmsjecht3829d ago

Ive seen tons of advertisements for it on a myriad of channels here in the US. You'd think with that kind of Marketing, they'd want more, but it's w/e.

PS360WII3829d ago

maybe it didn't take to much to make so they still made money off it? Who knows really. As far as Wildarms I live in the US too but I haven't seen any ads for it :(

The gaming GOD3829d ago

I've seen the ads for it almost once a day during the evening. Normally around 8pm. So it has been advertised well

PS360WII3829d ago

Well that's cool then. That is something a few devs out there are not doing so much of. I never saw anything for games other than Nintendo stuff when it comes to the Wii

jtucker783829d ago

Can't comment on the US, but here in the UK we get no Boom Blox Ads (well ... none that I've seen), which is a real shame.

I much prefer the ingenuity of a game like Boom Blox or ZacknWiki than the ingenuity of sh1t like Wii sports and Wii Fit.

It's just a shame that the general public don't have as much taste as we do.

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Silogon3829d ago

60,000 units is their expectations, huh? I'd love to see this guys wife, house, car and living conditions cause his expectations suck and I'm sure they are reflected upon in his daily life.

Gitaroo3829d ago

I thought someone at neogaf reported that it sold 60K, so the game only cost 60 bucks to make or what?

Voiceofreason3828d ago

They never said 100% of their audience was casual like you claim.. Show some facts and back that up with a statement from them saying that. What you fail to see is that I am not trying to claim that 100% of Wii owners are hardcore, (Though looking at the million sellers on Wii seems to show that more are than you know) what I am trying to say is that it is not 100% casual.NMH was Suda 51 best selling game so far. Okami sold better on Wii than PS2 when you consider the 110 million PS2's vs 25 million Wii's. Zack and Wiki was a horrible game meant for 5 year olds. A game for kids and you are pulling it up as proof that the Wii audience is a bunch of casuals.. If so that game would have sold through the roof.With 11 out of 25 million sellers being what I consider to be core games I just dont buy that its a casual only console. Of course many people have different opinions on whats hardcore and whats casual.

MK_Red3829d ago

I don't know which one is more sad. A great game like this selling so poorly or its dev having such low expectation. Maybe they knew good 3rd party games don't sell on Wii...

Voiceofreason3829d ago

Or maybe they knew a new IP going up against some of the biggest games of the year would be over looked. I mean it isnt really that hard to figure out.Do I buy BB or MKWii? Do I buy BB or GTA4? Do I buy BB or MGS4?I seriously doubt most people would say Boom blox when asked one of those questions.

The gaming GOD3829d ago

Your argument would be more valid if the majority of the Wii's audience wasn't casual.

In other words, any AAA game from any other system shouldn't have mattered. If the wii's audience is casual, that means they aren't heavy gamers. So GTA, MGS4, or any other heavy hitter shouldn't have made a dent at all.

Voiceofreason3829d ago

You have no proof that 100% of Wii owners are casual. Thats a BS excuse used by clueless people with no proof to back it up. If Wii is a casual system and sales no games then why does it have a higher attach rate then PS3? Why does it sale more software than PS3? While you are trying to call the Wii a casual console the majority of failures on the system were casual games. Please continue to consider the Wii a casual console while most of the casual games continue to fail.

The gaming GOD3828d ago

the proof is in the pudding. No excuses needed. FACTS speak for themselves.

Look at the size of the Wii install base. No more heroes and Zack and Wiki didn't sell well considering the VOLUME OF WIIS sold to customers.

And you speak of no proof, nintendo themselves even tells you the have the casual audience.

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