Developer Spotlight: Ripstone Games & Zoink Games

Last week Xbox One was treated to one of the most fun, off the wall, surreal puzzle platformers in years, in the form of “Stick it to the Man!”. If you haven’t checked it out yet, maybe our Review (here) will persuade you.

On the back of this brilliant release, this week I’ve had the absolute pleasure of interviewing both the Publishers (Ripstone Games) and the Developers (Zoink! Games). They provided VERY interesting insights on working with Microsoft, developing and publishing on Xbox One, and the Cohen Brothers.

Ripstone Games is a Publisher with a LOT of heritage. They have published everything from Table-Top racers and Chess games to twin stick shooters and pool sims. They’ve worked across PC and Mac, mobile platforms and all major consoles and have a lot of experience to share.

Zoink! Games are Swedish Developers that specialise in the artistic and the off-the-wall. They have worked on many platforms on both big franchises like Adventure Time to original ip. Stick it to the Man! marks their first move onto Xbox One.

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